"Strengthen tie between Italian and Iraqi people – Berlusconi´s support to US war responsible for


Message of Al-Kubaisy to the Italian people

Dear friends,

We highly appreciate your support for the Iraqi people in their struggle against occupation and for freedom and independence.

Regarding the Italian arrested in the Falluja area, we did not forget them, we do our best and hard efforts to have them back to their families safely. Please tell those families to be in hope and to know that they have friends in Iraq working and using their influence to set free the
three Italians and to have them back to Italy, to their families.

We believe and we know that the Italian people is against the war on Iraq and have nothing to do with the occupation crimes committed against the Iraqi people.

The problem of the prisoners happened only as a result of the wrong policy of the Italian prime minister when he sent the Italian army to support America´s war on Iraq.

Showing solidarity with the Iraqi struggle for freedom will strengthen the ties between the Italian and the Iraqi people.

We are in full hope that – we together with you – will succeed and the three Italians will be back to Italy safely and we have strong expectations that this will happen in the coming few days.

with our best regards,
Abduljabar Al-Kubaisy
(Iraqi Patriotic Coalition)
Baghdad, April 28, 2004