Re-unification of Korea against Yankee imperialism

Message of the National Democratic Front of South Korea to Assisi 04
The NDFSK and the patriotic south Korean people extend warm congratulations and best wishes to the 2004 international meeting of the Anti-imperialist Camp to be held in Assisi, Italy, under the theme "Resistance is not terrorism".

National Democratic Front of South Korea
To the Anti-imperialist Camp 2004

July 28, 2004

It is as clear as daylight that the resistance for independence is not terrorism but a justifiable right of the oppressed nations and peoples.

Today we witness the ever-growing aggressive nature of the US imperialism for domination and plunder of other nations.

Having invaded Iraq, it is now compelling our south Korean young people to fall a sacrifice to its perpetual occupation of Iraq. Meanwhile, it is desperate to bar our nation´s advance for reunification and ignite another aggressive war on the Korean Peninsula.

The current situation manifests that the independent life and safety of nations are available only by means of struggle.

We, the south Korean people, will never allow our young people to be used as cannon fodders of the US in the despicable Iraq war by waging a more dynamic struggle against the US pressure for additional troop dispatch to Iraq.

The invincible Songun politics of our respected Marshal Kim Jong Il is the banner of victory in our nation´s sacred anti-US resistance.

The south Korean people will turn out into a nationwide anti-US showdown hand in hand with their brethren in the north under the banner of the great Songun politics and the June 15 Inter-Korean Joint Declaration to drive out without fail the Yankee aggressors from south Korea and achieve the independent reunification of the country.

The anti-imperialist independence is an irresistible will of mankind and irreversible trend of the times.

The ever-growing anti-US, anti-war move of mankind and the united power of the anti-imperialist and independent forces of the world are sure to entomb the trigger-happy Bush group of the US, incarnation of evil, and baffle their strategy for a uni-polar world.

We wish the Anti-imperialist Camp and the participants in the meeting great success in their activities for frustrating the arbitrariness, high-handedness, aggression and war moves of the US and defending the world peace and safety.

The world forces for anti-US independence, anti-war and peace, unite!