Iraqi Contras – the case of the two kidnapped Simonas


With the Iraqi resistance, down with American terrorism!

We have to take into consideration, that all the NGOs in Iraq are funded and supported by Western countries, that their operations are subject to the control of the respective foreign offices, that – being under close intelligence surveillance – they are being infiltrated and that their humanitarian activities are in the last instance functional for the normalisation plans of the occupants. We furthermore should not leave out of sight that one of the kidnapped woman, the Iraqi Mahnaz Bassam, belongs to the mysterious NGO "Intersos" – the same Paolo Simeone worked for. He recruited body guards to be sent to Iraq. One of them was Fabrizio Quattrocchi who was later killed by the guerrilla.

However, the kidnapping of Simona Torrerra and Simona Pari, who have been known for their friendship with the resisting Iraqi people, is a criminal act. While it is damaging the Iraqi resistance and the entire movement against the imperialist war, it happens to be the best present which could be given not only to the US, but also to the Italian government. By its spokesman Casini they immediately stated that from now on "nobody can anymore speak of Iraqi resistance".

There are some strange elements to notice: The kidnappers were equipped with US-made automatic weapons. They could enter one of the best guarded zones of Baghdad without problems. They presented themselves as special forces of Allawi´s government. They asked for names and compared it with photographs. Finally they left without hindrance.

Thus there is strong evidence that this operation cannot be attributed to the legitimate resistance how fragmented it might be. It is far more likely that it has been perpetrated by those who want to discredit the resistance. Given the increasing strength of the resistance the crumbling puppet regime of Allawi would have all reasons to do so. Therefore they also kidnapped Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi, the leader of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance.

In Iraq everybody suspects mercenaries specialized on counter-insurgency to have committed the crime in the service of the US occupants. One should take into account that the new US ambassador to Iraq, that is the real head of the Iraqi government, is named John Negroponte. He was a trustee of Ronald Reagan in the dirty war against the revolutions in Nicaragua and El Salvador and is considered a specialist in counter-guerrilla and massacres.

We therefore strongly believe that the kidnapping of the two operatives of "Un Ponte per Baghdad" has been done by the Iraqi contras, by the death squadrons of Negroponte-Allawi.

Disturbing coincidence: virtually in parallel with the kidnapping the director of SISMI, the Italian intelligence, stated at the occasion of a parliamentary hearing: "There will be new kidnappings in Iraq. We believe that also women can become the victims of kidnappings."

Berlusconi boasts to be a friend of Bush, who on his turn is boss of Negroponte, who on his turn commands Allawi, who on his turn is responsible for his paramilitaries. If things are like this, it would be easy to liberate the two Simonas.

Therefore it is incredible that the opposition forces in parliament precipitate to save the government the most servile to the US Italy ever has had. We must not help this government but we have to chase it away because its them to be responsible for the Italian participation in this colonial war. Not against the legitimate Iraqi resistance we have to go, but against the terrorists who occupy Iraq. The occupation of Iraq is the real cause of the rivers of blood flowing through Mesopotamia.

In the very unlikely case that the kidnapping has been performed by a misguided guerrilla group Berluscuni has to shut up even more. As we have seen in the case of Baldoni, the prime minister´s bold affirmation of maintaining Italian occupation troops in Iraq, equals the death sentence for the hostages. In this case the only assurance for their lives is that the anti-imperialists components of the resistance condemn the kidnapping and isolate those responsible on one hand and that the movement against the war affirms it clear No to the occupation on the other hand.

Free Simona Torretta and Simona Pari!
Free Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi and all the arrested and disappeared Iraqi partisans!
Self-determination and freedom to the Iraqi people!
Victory to the popular Iraqi resistance!

Anti-imperialist Camp, Italy
8 September 2004