ESF London: protest against presence of Iraqi collaborators


Norwegian committee for a Free Iraq

Subhi Mashdani, speaker at European Social Forum 15th of October 1900 has been responsible for turning delegates at the Labour Party congress into war support. It is shameful that the ESF chooses him as a main speaker at the forum. He is claiming to represent the Iraqi workers while in fact he represents the collaborators of the same regime as killed only October 10th 80 resistance fighters in Samarra.

Mushdani is through his presence strengthening those who wants to drag the social movements away from a consequent struggle against war, imperialism and occupation.

It is necessary to take another direction. If you are against the occupation you must also resist the occupants, the Anglo-American "coalition".

The Middle East is today the central arena of struggle for the US. The liberation of the Iraqi and the Palestinian people is the struggle for all humanity. Their struggle is ours. We, among many others support the resistance and calls for progressive movements in all the world to build bridges with the Iraqi patriots daily fighting occupation. They are killed, outlawed and kidnapped. We remember the treatment of prisoners from Abu Graibh.

Support the resistance!
Stop the occupation of Iraq and Palestine!
Imperialist troops and bases out!
Down with the US preventive war and their empire!