Condemn US isolation and suppression of communal voices:


Support the freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Iraq!

As an anti-imperialist and popular force we declare our full support to the numerous members of Muslim communities in Iraq now being silenced for speaking out against the atrocities of occupation.

As the attack on Falluja was launched against the symbolic and political centre of the Iraqi resistance, the occupation forces also mounted a political campaign against ulama and other leaders of the Iraqi Muslim communities.

Among the events was Thursday 11th of November the storming of the houses of general secretary Shaikh al-Dhari and Shaikh al-Qubaisi, the raiding of the al-Shuahada mosque and arresting Shaikh Mahdi al-Sumaidi along with members of the Shura council. General Secretary Shaikh al-Dhari cries out against these actions by the occupation forces, calling it a campaign aiming at "silencing these voices and preventing them from exposing what is taking place in Falluja now".

This current strike of repression comes together with a direct campaign to quell information and prevent help getting through to the areas like Falluja currently being besieged by the occupation forces.

When the occupation forces prevent the Red Crescent from reaching Falluja, it is a part of its campaign to terrorize the voices of opposition and resistance to silence.

The move by these forces has led to a massive reaction of outcries and civil disobedience. The Islamic Party has withdrawn from the government and calls for boycott of the elections. Sheikh Ahmed al-Misser, a leader of the disinherited Shia community of Baghdad has cried out against the atrocities in Falluja and asked the Shia community of all Iraq to assist and help their Sunni brethren besieged and attacked by the Anglo-American forces. And Muqtada Al-Sadr has withdrawn his support for elections. This means that the US move for imposing elections on Falluja and Iraq`s disobedient and resistance centres is failing and leading to the opposite.

The campaign has goals also beyond the immediate purpose of squelching the opposition. It is a part of the neo-crusader agenda of the US to impose their religious and moral doctrines on the Arab and Islamic world. It will not stop short of isolating or removing the forces that choose to stand by the inherent values and moral codes of religion.

The crusade that is now being waged in the country Iraq is portrayed as a "war for Christianity". But as the Christian community in the Islamic world stood by their Muslim brothers and sisters, neither will this attempt by camouflaging its barbaric operations by falsely claiming the name of God be successful.

Like in the European struggle against fascism, communal, religious and political divisions were put aside to unite against the common enemy.

We know the great role many churches and religious communities had in uniting the struggle against German occupation. This is exactly what is now happening in Iraq, where Muslims now call out for other communal societies to cry out against these atrocities.

And it is our duty now again, as Christians, Muslims, Secularists or followers of other faiths to join hands with the movement of civil disobedience in Iraq and declare our full support of their forces.

Free all religious and political prisoners!
Medicals and aid to the popular resistance centres, not bullets and guns!
US forces: withdraw from Iraq!

Free Iraq Committee Norway
Supported by the Anti-imperialist Camp