The Iraqi Resistance in Porto Alegre


Call to the anti-imperialist wing of the anti-globalisation movement

Despite the fact that the leadership of the World Social Forum (WSF) failed to support the Iraqi resistance, their representatives together with activists of the solidarity movement will be present.

We go to Brazil in order to address the consequent parts of the anti-globalisation movement demanding their active and decided support for the resistance of the Iraqi people against the Anglo-American invaders. The battle raging in Iraq is of utmost historic relevance not only because the legitimacy of the struggle for national self-determination against imperialist occupation.

Actually in Iraq the very American Empire is at stake, for the war waged against the embargo-torn country is the empire`s inauguration. If the resistance of the Iraqi people proves able to prevent the creation of a servile puppet regime, to save the country from becoming a province enslaved by Washington, then it´s the beginning of the end of the Empire. Like in Vietnam a US defeat will signal to the oppressed people in the world to increase their liberation struggles against capitalist imperialism.

Facing the US permanent and pre-emptive war the WSF has taken a position between the lines. The WSF formula "Stop the spiral of war and terror" clearly expressed this equidistance between imperialism and the resistance of the oppressed people – even more if their resort to armed means.

The WSF definitely represents the position of the well-off middle classes (mainly in the West but not only) who do not want to fight and defeat capitalist imperialism but pressurise the system in order to give it a human face. They accept the struggle of the wretched of the world only under the snotty condition that it fits into their politically correct pattern.

We appeal to the consequent parts of the anti-globalisation movement and especially to the anti-imperialist forces of Brazil to help and support us to organise following activities in Porto Alegre:

1) A big plenary session (within or outside the WSF) in support of the Iraqi resistance in view of the international day of action scheduled for March 19th.

2) A press conference on the Iraqi Guantanamo with special focus on the emblematic case of the kidnapping of Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi, leader of the "Iraqi Patriotic Alliance" (IPA), whose main aim is the creation of a political resistance front.

3)A demonstration protesting the face election in Iraq and the support to the Iraqi resistance.

Victory to the Iraqi resistance!
Down with the US Empire!

Whoever is ready to co-operate with us should contact us:

Sammi Alaa, Iraqi Patriotic Alliance

Maria Grazia Ardizzone, Italian Committees Free Iraq

Willi Langthaler, Anti-imperialist Camp