Disappeared – desaparecido


International appeal against the methods of extermination employed by the occupants in Iraq

The Iraqi people is resisting the US-led occupation by all means. According to authoritative sources, like for example the medical review "The Lancet", more than 100.000 Iraqis have been killed since the beginning of the aggression. It is an announced blood bath, a massacre which recently climaxed in the extermination of Falluja, the martyr city, on which the US has inflicted a new Hiroshima.

Despite this systematic terror of the occupation the Iraqi people does not give up its tenacious resistance. Sooner or later the occupants will be defeated and will have to leave. History will give reason to those who struggle for their own dignity, for their liberation. The Iraqi resistance is raising the question of the destiny of mankind by knocking on the door of every people. They ask to take a choice: either to surrender to the American Empire or to rise up.

Trampling on a nation already starved to death by twelve years of embargo, the occupants increase their troops, intensify their war and inflate their lies. On this inferno, on this desert covered with corpses, the imperialist occupants want to build their "democracy". They have called for elections on January 30th. Their puppet Allawi, CIA operative for the last twenty years, has been charged to perform them.

For the occupants to secure the realisation of the elections is crucial. If the majority of the people follow the appeal of the resistance and refute the farce of the elections, the imperialists will loose their last cynical alibi. If they want to prevent the political disaster from growing into a military one, the only remaining option will be their withdrawal. Therefore the elections are of crucial importance. Thus the occupants use all the means at their disposal to convince the world public opinion that the scrutiny is regular, transparent and democratic.

They lie. There can not be democratic elections under the conditions of occupation. Entire zones of the country are being bombarded on a daily base. An illegitimate regime like the one of Allawi cannot hold regular and legitimate elections.

In Iraq there is not only a dirty colonial war going on, but a military dictatorship which desperately tries to get some credibility by holding elections. The truth must be said, this fraud must be unmasked.

Tens of thousands of unrecognised prisoners of war detained in camps similar to the notorious one in Guantanamo (many of them being women, children and elderly) will not go to the polls. In these terrible detention camps the most sacred and elementary human rights are being violated. According to some sources there are up to 80.000 such prisoners, the highest number since WW II. Of about 10.000 nothing is known – they have simply disappeared like the desaparecidos during the military regime of Latin America. Nobody knows their fate, not even their families. This system of torture and annihilation has been growing under the supervision of John Negroponte, the US ambassador in Baghdad. It is the same man who is responsible for the extermination of the revolutionaries of Central America during Reagan´s presidency.

The most outstanding example is Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi, leader of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance. He was kidnapped on September 3rd, 2004, in Baghdad by the occupants and has disappeared ever since. Not even to the Red Cross has the US army conceded any information. Jabbar is a symbol of the resisting Iraqi people, whom the US would like to bury forever.

It is incredible that not even the UN is allowed to visit these camps of torture and destruction and that nobody tears down the walls of silence.

We appeal to all the democratic and anti-imperialist forces to mobilise not only for the immediate withdrawal of the occupation troops but also against the Anglo-American methods of extermination. The international conventions securing the inviolable rights of prisoners of war must be respected and their treatment as animals immediately stopped. In particular the women, children and elderly must be released. We want to know where the thousands of disappeared are. We call for the formation of an independent international juridical commission to inquire into and visit the dozens of Iraqi Guantanamo-type detention camps.

Eventually we fight for the recognition of the resistance as a belligerent force. Occupation is terror not resistance.

Committee Free Iraq Italy
Committee Free Iraq Germany
Committee Free Iraq Poland
Committee for a Free Iraq Denmark
Committee Free Iraq Austria
Committee Free Iraq Norway
Committee Free Iraq Hungary
International Solidarity Conference with the Resistance of the Iraqi People France
Anti-globalist Resistance Russia