Hands off Hisbollah – the only guarantee for democracy!


On March 10 the European Parliament approved with a big majority a resolution declaring the popular and anti-imperialist Lebanese movement Hizbollah a "terrorist organization". They thus followed the US which has included Hizbollah already to their "black list". The declaration calls upon the European Council to take the necessary steps against this organization.

This has been said only a few days after the giant demonstration organized by Hizbollah against the imperialist interference. Nearly 30% of the population took to the streets of Beirut which are according to the European parliament all terrorists.

This resolution shows the recovered unity between the US and the European imperialists. As usually in the name of "democracy" they commonly call for the withdrawal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon. What they really head for is to dissolve Hizbollah as a strong popular anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist force.

The imperialist propaganda repeated by the corporate media is turning up side down to obvious things. Firstly, Lebanon maybe is the only Middle East country with traces of democracy thanks to the presence of Hizbollah as a popular anti-imperialist organization which has been fighting against the Zionist occupation and their henchmen. What the US intends is to create an Egyptian or worse Iraqi style "democracy" under they full control. Secondly, they speak of the withdrawal of the Syrian troops. They are thus arrogant that they do not care about the obvious ensuing questions about their own withdrawal from occupied Iraq and the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

And it should not be forgotten that the Syrian troops were called to Lebanon by the Lebanese right wing with the support of the US, Israel and France in order to stop the advance of the revolutionary forces. We will never forget and forgive the massacre in the refugee camp Tal al-Zaatar committed by Syria in order to weaken the Palestinian liberation forces. As Syria was not able to halt the anti-imperialist movement it was Israel which intervened eventually occupying Lebanon in 1982 and committing – under the command of Sharon – the massacre of Sabra and Shatila which stands as a symbol for the cruelty and inhumanity of Zionism. That changed the character of the Syrian presence which became an obstacle to the Zionist and imperialist aggression.

When the US forged its Holy Alliance to attack Iraq in 1991, they conceded to Syria its presence in Lebanon in return to the Syrian support for the aggression Iraq. This dirty deal set the environment for the Lebanese peace agreement of Taef, which essentially tried to restore the reactionary confessionalist system of the pre-war period. However, the continued Israeli occupation of Lebanon and the mass resistance against it, lead to the development and growth of the Hizbollah. This is the main target of imperialism. In as far as Syria backs Hizbollah and thus attempts to maintain the status quo it is an obstacle to the US and Israeli plan of aggression on the frame of their permanent and pre-emptive war.

Therefore the first task to conquer full Lebanese sovereignty and popular democracy is to fight back the imperialist and Zionist interference and to defend Hizbollah. Only on this ground the popular forces can ask Syria to withdraw paving the difficult way to a pan-Arab federation.

Anti-imperialist Camp