All India People´s Resistance Forum (AIPRF) & Struggling Forum for People´s Resistance (SFPR) merg


Press Release
23rd May, 2005, New Delhi

Unity Declaration

In the joint executive meeting held on 20th May, 2005, the …‘Struggling Forum for People´s Resistance´ (SFPR) & …‘All India People´s Resistance Forum´ (AIPRF) decided to merge in a single organisation named Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF). It is known to all that both the organisations have been fighting against the exploitation and repression of imperialism, comprador bourgeoisie and feudalism and supporting the agrarian revolutionary movements going on in India for a long time. It is a good development for the toiling and patriotic people of India who want an end to their misery and seek liberation from the clutches of imperialist sharks and anti-national and anti-people bureaucrat capitalist and feudal classes which have been obstructing the development of the country and unleashing repression on the people.

In the so-called independent India, the colonial times exploitation has only further increased rather than coming to an end. More than half of the population live in abject poverty and a vast majority of people live a wretched life without having any future and hope. The major part of land has remained in the hands of a small number of feudal forces comprising landlords, jotedars and moneylenders. Most of the agriculture labourers are landless. Though there are various land ceiling acts and acts for protection of tribal and dalit lands, they remain only on paper. These acts have proved a deception on the poor.

Following Mexico and Brazil, India has become the third biggest debtor country in the third world. Even when the country is deeply entangled in a vicious cycle of debt, the nominal restrictions which used to be imposed on the MNCs and TNCs, have totally been withdrawn by the rulers. Consequently, they have entered in a big way to several important sectors, including mines and energy production.

The Indian government has been taking loans from the World Bank under hard, and derogatory conditionalities. The fatal consequences of it have also fallen upon the working class –such as …‘golden hand shake´, …‘lay off´ and curtailment of actual wage as well as massive retrenchment. Various types of black laws have been imposed to suppress the working class movement. The trade union activities, the rights of workers have been limited more and more and their right to strike banned. The number of educated unemployed figures more than five crores, able unemployed and half employed reads 32 crores. Five lakh factories have been closed down. 41.72 % of the population live below the poverty line. 40 crores of people are illiterate. A vast number of people do not have any opportunity for medical treatment; lakhs of people have no dwelling houses at all. As the resistance of the people is rising the ruling classes are resorting to more brutal repressions. The leaders and cadres of the trade unions, civil liberties organisations and even the journalists are being killed. The state has butchered innumerable people; lakhs are being arrested and imprisoned while innumerable peoples have been and being tortured.

The exploiting classes always propagate secularism on the one hand while engineering the pogroms and riots by provoking casteism, communalism and religious fanaticism on the other.

Socially degenerate rampant propaganda of the imperialists and feudal culture is on the rise through T. V. radio, cinema, dance, song, drama, newspapers and various types of periodicals. The use of liquor, gambling, and drugs are increasing by the folds.

The ruling class on the one hand is pleading for the protection of woman´s dignity while the system they preside is encouraging even more the reactionary practices of patriarchy, degradation, humiliation, and various other heinous crimes, including rape, against women.

The Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) desires that the people of India liberate themselves from the clutches of exploitation and repression of imperialism, comprador bourgeoisie and feudalism.

The RDF wants the abolition of this exploitative and oppressive system. So it raises the slogan – "Rise", "Resist" and "Liberate".

The RDF, with its all capabilities, will wage a resolute struggle against feudal and imperialist exploitation, atrocity and oppression. the RDF will support and integrate with all the struggles of the oppressed people, the working class, the peasantry, the rural poor, the students, the women, the dalits, the tribals, etc. and the national and religious minorities, the nationality struggles and the liberation struggles of the people of Jammu & Kashmir and the North East. The RDF will uphold the path of Naxalbari i.e., the path of Andhra, Jharkhand, Bihar and Dandakarnya and will conduct intensive and massive propaganda highlighting this path and will help these struggles in every possible way.

The Indian Parliamentary system has no significance as per democracy. The legislature, bureaucracy and judiciary, every component of the state runs at the gestures and dictates of imperialism, the IMF and the World Bank. So the parliamentary system is nothing but bluff. So, "the boycott of elections is a democratic right of the people".

The people of India have been living under increasing fascist repression and measures by the state for a long time. The state machinery is ruthlessly suppressing even the trade union type of ordinary movements of the people for economic and democratic demands. In such conditions to fulfil and accomplish the higher tasks of mass movements and to meet with the needs for the development of people´s struggles and organisations, we have formed the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF).

The RDF calls on the people and the greater masses of the democratic and progressive forces to involve in the programmes enmasse. The RDF will try its best to unite in the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggles with those individuals and organisations that will oppose the state repression. The RDF will unite with others too in issue based joint activities by forming platforms like "people´s action committees".

We call on all justice loving individuals and organisations to come and join in with us and carry forward the struggle for emancipation of the people from all kinds of oppression so that conditions for a happier life are created on this part of the earth and a new era of progress is unleashed where there will be no imperialist, bureaucratic and feudal exploitation and tyranny.

Raj Kishor, General Secretary
G.N. Saibaba, Deputy Secretary
Dr. Darshan Pal, Vice President
Sunil, Deputy Secretary
Tara Singh, Treasurer

Adhoc Committee,
Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)