Free Avni and Zeynep, Turkish political prisoners in Italy


Appeal to mobilise on the occasion of the first public court hearing

On June 10 the process against the comrades Avni and Zeynep, two political activists unjustly imprisoned since April 1, 2004, for being part of the Turkish association DHKP-C, will begin. This organisation has been defined "terrorist" by the arbitrary Black List of the European Union copied from the one of the imperator Bush. The accusation is constructed around …§270bis which today is even used to arrest homeless who occupy uninhabited houses. The entire enquiry has been conducted under the guise of the "struggle against terrorism" pleasing the Turkish military regime and backing its ferocious repression against the democratic opposition in the interest of capitalism and imperialism.

It is enough to point at the recent arrest of the comrade Sandra Bakutz in Turkey having been accused of terrorism only because she protested against the visit of a Turkish minister to Europe. Everybody knows the treatment the Turkish military oligarchy reserves for their dissidents. We know well the massacres committed against the political prisoners (about 10.000!) who fight against "white torture" and solitary confinement. We cannot be accomplices of this Turkish regime as well as of the Italian one which supports it.

We call to mobilise in order to liberate Avni and Zeynep even more as the juridical amalgam moved against the comrades of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Maria Grazia, Alessia and Moreno arrested on the same day with the accusation of having supported a terrorist organisation broke down. We have to fight for the repeal of the Black List which seeks to eliminate the liberation movements from imperialist oppression, exploitation and misery, to criminalize the solidarity movements and to curb the right to free political expression.

Free Avni and Zeynep!
Repeal the Black Lists!

Protest rally
June 10, 8,30 am
Perugia, Palace of Justice

Anti-imperialist Camp