Build a Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp


Invitation letter directed to the popular, anti-imperialist and revolutionary movement

February 13, 2005
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Here in the land of Simà³n Bolà­var, Simà³n Rodrà­guez and Ezequiel Zamora, which today is confronting North American imperialism, we believe that the time has come to increase our efforts for unity against the injustice which the people of the world are suffering of. The coordination of the anti-imperialist resistance against the Yankee empire must be strengthened.

With this intention we invite – on the occasion of the Social Forum of the Americas – to gather within a Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp with an international, popular and revolutionary character. The meeting is scheduled to take place right there where the people are fighting, namely in the shanty towns and in the downtrodden countryside of Venezuela. Only from there, from the organised popular base suffering from and fighting against the imperialist and capitalist domination, the forces for a real forum of anti-imperialist resistance can rise.

Today imperialism under the US hegemony is constituting itself as a full-fledged empire with its permanent and global war against the poor people and classes. This totalitarian rule in the military, economic, political and cultural field is increasingly being countered by new focuses of resistance. In Iraq, Palestine, Venezuela or Colombia the new Vietnams of the 21st century are emerging openly challenging the empire. Peoples´ liberation passes by smashing the US uni-polar world. Only the peoples themselves which struggle against the oligarchies and elites subordinated to and integrated into the imperial architecture can achieve this goal. Our time is the one of the popular resistance against the empire – direct resistance against the US wars of aggression, their interventions and occupations or resistance against the ruling classes who thankfully submit to the empire as the guarantor of their plundering of the popular masses. The resistance is the real exercise of the democratic right to self-determination encompassing all forms of struggle.

When the peoples rise to free themselves from imperial rule they cannot not do other than confront the old state whose sovereign is not the people but imperial capitalism by means of the fake democracy of the elite´s parties and the bureaucratic caste. There cannot be a reform of the oligarchic states able to guarantee the democratic rule of the people. Against reformism, which ensures the anti-democratic continuity, we advocate the leap forward to popular power.

To bring down the empire is the aim unifying us. To strengthen the points of break within the empire is our common task. They will serve as examples for other peoples to resist providing hope and drive. To build the Bolivarian and anti-imperialist alternative goes beyond promoting co-operation between the countries of the south. It means to unify the revolutionary resistances into an international anti-imperialist front capable to respond to the global strategy of the empire.

Therefore we invite the people´s organisations, the liberation movements, the revolutionary parties and all the anti-imperialists to sponsor and build an international Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp in order to collectively strengthen the base of our organised and internationalist resistance.

Latin America

Movimiento de Bases Populares (Popular Base Movement, MBP)
Coordinadora Simà³n Bolà­var (Coordination Simà³n Bolà­var, CSB)
Utopà­a (Utopia)
Frente Nacional Campesino Ezequiel Zamora (National peasant Front Campesino Ezequiel Zamora, FNCEZ)
Patria Joven (Young Fatherland)
Unià³n de Fuerzas Independientes (Union of Independent Forces, UFI)
Alcaldà­a Municipio Paez, Apure (Mayoralty of the municipality of Paez, Apure state)
Alcaldà­a Municipio Guacara, Carabobo (Mayoralty of the municipality of Guacara, Carabobo state)

Asociacià³n Campesina de Arauca (Peasant association of Arauca, ACA)
Prensa Rural (Rural press)
Red Palante (Net Forward)

El Salvador:
Federacià³n Universitaria Roque Daltà³n (University Federation Roque Daltà³n FURD)
Agrupacià³n Martà­n Fierro (Association Martà­n Fierro)

Bloque de Organizaciones Sociales (Block of Social Organisations)

Arab World
Peoples Struggle Movement, Irak
Abnaa elBalad, Palestina

Anti-globalist Resà­stanse, Russia
Corriente Roja (Red Current), Spain

Harsh Thakor, activista de Derechos Humanos, India
Palashchandra Biswas, periodista, India
Faiezul Hakim, Bangladesh Trade Union Federation

Campo Antiimperialista (Anti-imperialist Camp)
The United Peoples