Iraq: No negotiations without withdrawal


IPA annouces to form party

Announcement from the IPA

Confronting the suspicious projects to outflank the steadiness of the Resistance, to misappropriate the accomplishments of the heroic liberation struggle of the Iraqi people is a major patriotic and national task.

The IPA warns against the attempts to outflank the achievements of the resistance by opening side channels to harvest personal or party profits at the expense of the people and the liberation struggle.

The IPA has concluded a series of meetings inside the homeland and abroad in the period between 9-12th of July 2005, participating in these meetings a number of members of the IPA and supporters from a number of political arenas, coming from Europe, Scandinavia and Iraq.

They discussed during the meeting a variety of urgent internal, organizational, political and ideological questions and issues that the alliance is confronting. As well the participants have scrutinized the developments that are being witnessed currently on the political arena.

And in the end of the meeting the Information Office of the IPA released the following announcement:

The IPA leadership studies the proposed projects and is following the developments which are being witnessed in Iraq to forge alliances and found so-"patriotic fronts" under the cloak of "resistance to occupation". The IPA leadership observes that some forces and personalities under circumstantial pressure and wrong perceptions and analyses slide into a dangerous path. This could put them in a position of complacency and conspiracy against the brave resistance, unless they swiftly correct their directions.

This is because these forces are involved in "alternative" projects. The occupier`s whish by and through these projects to create false entities and promote political facades. They wish to be an alternative to the resistance and its demands. Consequently the occupiers want to tamper with the conditions that any real and realistic negotiation would have required.

The focus on a "timetabled withdrawal" and emptying it of its essential content (as a preliminary basis for a dated and comprehensive final withdrawal with a known deadline) is not just merely a wrong political interpretation issued by this or that part, but rather the work of sides and parties known for their opportunism and careerism and their suspicious regional and international connections. They do this in order to harvest on the case of the people and the nation.

And in this respect the IPA confirms its decisive rejection to the projects, ideas and political moves which Iraq is currently witnessing to recycle personalities and forces complicit against the people and the homeland.

As well the IPA warns of the attempts to market such figures and groupings as patriotic or anti-occupation.

As the IPA cautions against the hazards of sliding in that direction, it will not hesitate in revealing the names or forces and groups involved, or uncover them to the public opinion. Any national front has to be unequivocally the result of creative representation of honest and active forces whose history and radical stances against the American occupation are beyond doubt.

The legality of any front is to be derived from the support and loyalty to the resistance and the paramount cause of the people: comprehensive and final withdrawal of the occupation forces form the Iraqi soil.

The leadership of the IPA concludes a series of meetings to follow the internal developments which guarantee its transformation and development into an active political part. This course for action requires rebuilding its establishments and organizational pillars inside and outside the homeland and of to forge main theoretical documents.

The IPA reconfirms again the importance of giving priority to the national issues and causes. The basis is the struggle to squash and expel the ultra-oppressive American occupants from all Iraqi soil and aid in and support the heroic struggle of the brave patriotic Iraqi resistance, to enable it to withstand and carry on until victory. To redeem the country`s independence and cleanse it of foreign armies, spies, agents, thief`s and sabotage networks.

This is the central task and mission which should by all means not be abandoned in any way.

The participants have had elaborated discussions on the patriotic liberation struggle led by the brave resistance and supported by the true patriotic forces (at the head of them the IPA). They noticed that the struggle is now entering into critical turns as the forms of conspiracy and attempts to outflank the brave resistance and increase on the part of well known and well uncovered opportunist groups, people and personalities.

Among them is those who`s gamble on the occupier has failed, so they try to ride on the wave and over the night turn into supporters of the resistance. This can be proven by chains of given evidence as groups and forces today are raising these days to misappropriate the will of the resistance and to outflank it in order to forge suspicious deals with the enemy, or to negotiate with the enemy and its agents.

It is very unfortunate that some patriots have been deceived so that they start promoting the policies of negotiations with the enemy without knowledge of what is really taking place. The participants have discussed throughout these days a range of organizational and internal matters concerning rebuilding the IPA as an active political party. In this respect they have issued the following resolution.

First: To hasten the writing of the theoretical and political documents to redefine the alliance and found its intellectual vision. Its identity which characterized it since it was founded in mid-92 (the Malmö-conference, Sweden) as the outcome of the joining of broad patriotic wills and outlooks that gathered tendencies of nationalists, pan-arabists, nasserists, leftists and independents.

It was decided to put forward the documents before all the branches and organizations of the alliance, in different arenas. To study, and to prepare accreditation in the next congress.

Secondly: Hastening the accomplishments of the political documents which defined the alliance`s visions for the current phase of the political struggle in Iraq which is a national liberation struggle in order to expel the American occupation, its agents and redeem independence.

3. Re-building the organs of the alliance inside and outside the homeland has to be in harmony with the tasks that confront the party.

First of all the task is to confront the occupation and its consequences. In this respect the participants have discussed the means and ways to develop and consolidate the contributions of its comrades, activists and supporters inside the homeland.

The leadership of the IPA has taken a series of organizational decisions and formed a number of committees and central organs. In the political arena they confirmed the resolutions of the organizational leadership inside the homeland. The IPA leadership will issue a final and comprehensive announcement on the results of its meetings.

The Central Information office of the IPA

translated by the Norwegian Free Iraq Committee