Declaration of support to the class resistance in Brazil


Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2003

Declaration of support to the class resistance in Brazil

The participants of the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, 2003, salute the resistance of the workers of the Brazilian public and private sector against the current government of Lula da Silva which openly betrayed the popular programme and is engaged in a liberalist attack including following elements:

…· extreme rise of profits of the financial capital
…· vigorous downgrading of the salaries in the public and private sector
…· radical cuts in social and productive state investment
…· interruption of the agrarian reform
…· presentation in parliament of structural reforms requested by the International Monetary Fond implying anti-popular measures (reform of the welfare and fiscal systems, the labour market, autonomy of the central bank, bankruptcy laws, ……) exceeding even those of the preceding conservative government which had been confronted with popular resistance

This policy developed in the last eight months led to the acceleration of the repayment of the public dept to international creditors provoking a ferocious economic recession resulting in growing unemployment, violence, misery and hunger in Brazil.

The participants of the Anti-imperialist Camp salute particularly the heroic resistance of the deputies of the Worker´s Party (PT) Joà£o Fontes (Ceará), Babá (Pará) and Luciana Genro (Rio Grande do Sul) as well as of the senator Heloà­sa Helena (Alagoas) in defence of the Brazilian workers.

This confrontation has led to unacceptable expulsions and a witch hunt by the PT against these historic militants as well as elected class representatives who are about to break with the party.

The participants of the Anti-imperialist Camp salute and express their solidarity with the current attempts of the class and socialist left inside and outside of the PT of different political and ideological orientation to build an socialist anti-imperialist class party. This party will first of all organise the social struggle in the particular and historic interest of the Brazilian workers and will also contribute to its representation in the institutional sphere.