US forces arrest assistant of Sheikh Khalisi


Why... American forces arrest assistant of Sheikh Khalisi in Kazhamia!

American forces assisted by forces from the interior departement attacked explosevly manner today the residence of Hasj Majed Hussein al-obeidi, after breaking into the shia area that he lives in and after destroying doors and windows around ind the neighbourhood. And neither his neighbours was not safe from the aggression. Obeidi is one of the companions of shaykh Jawad-al-khalisi, the general secretary of the Iraqi Foundation Congress against the occupation.

As well, the occupation forces has detained the half brother of al-obeidi as well as his sister in this attack. And as usual neither the Americans nor the elements in the interior ministry that works under their command did offer any explanation at the breakthrough of the houses of the Iraqi citizens.

This is not the first time we see that the American forces are on the hunt for companions of Khalisi. Before, American forces assisted by forces from the interior department and a helicopter have performed attacks on the house of haj ali nazim al asdi, one of the more important companions of Sheikh Khalisi in the al-taji area. And as these forces attacked they crushed doors and windows, attacking women and children, confining them in one of the rooms of the house. Then they hurdled up the men and blindfolded them. After this they searched the house, informing by their translator in the end that they themselves were responsible for releasing themselves from their ties...

And it is necessary to remember that the Shaykh Khalisi opposed the proposed constitution from the temporary government that has settled in the Green Zone, and that he refused co-operation with any of their authorities during the absence of true Iraqi sovereignty.

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