"Political leaders of the Iraqi resistance still underground"


Interview with Sheikh Majeed Al-Gaood, leader of the "Iraqi Flame" and
spokesman of the "Patriotic, National & Islamic Front"

1) Can you describe the role of the "Iraqi Flame" as well as of the project of the "Patriotic, National & Islamic Front"?

WAHAJ is the closest Political Movement to the agents of the armed Iraqi resistance men, as it works hardly to clarify the methods of the resistance, her legitimacy, her point of view and also to distinguish between her and terrorism that occupation forces are trying to tarnish her with. WAHAJ has his own Agenda which will be used in the proper time, not to mention his main target in expulsing the occupation forces no matter the sacrifices are.

2) What do you think of the elections of December 15?

We refuse the Political Process as a whole because what was built on illegal basis is illegal.

3) While Baath and some Salafist groups called for boycott most of the popular constituencies of the resistance actually went to the ballots. If you did not call for boycott did you support one of the lists?

But we were also among those who always boycotted and the resistance never endorsed the elections or the participants in the political process .The Resistance was keen to stop the Iraqi bloodshed and to respect the Iraqi's will in voting.

4) How do you evaluate the lists of Mutlaq and Duleimi?

We never gave any support to the Participants in the Elections, we don't believe in Mixing between Religion & Politic, but we believe in the Complete Separation between the two of them.

5) What you consider as the main task of the resistance now?

We are Concentrating on our Military Actions and in the same time we are working on Clarifying it on the Political and Media Levels.

6) A major problem of the resistance seems to be the difficulties to form a political front of all forces opposing the occupation including parts Shiite Political Islam. How you want to bridge the gap?

We also have our Political Leaders, accepted and ratified by the resistance, still undercovered because of the Occupation Pursuit and Arrest as they are treated like killers. And inspite of the maturity of the resistance for now, when the right moment comes for real negotiations, you'll find these Political Leaders ready and commissioned to negotiate in all matters. We do wish you can distinguish between those who speak only, pretending they represent the resistance while living their lives outside, away from the suffering of the real resistance men.

7) Do you think that the Sunni Ulama can help to create a broad front with the Shia anti-occupation forces not subordinated to Tehran?

Our battle is a battle for freedom of a Country, not a war between Fanatics mixing Religion with Politic. The only Regime which can unite the Iraqis is the Laic one. But all those Fanatics are used by different Countries having each his own Agenda in Iraq away from the stability of our Country.

8) What you think of the movement led by Muqtada as Sadr? Could he join in to the resistance in case he is approached by Sunni Islamic forces and not Baath or is he too much dependant on Iran?

Iran was the one behind the Disappointment of the Iraqis and their Country.

9) There seem to be two factors causing the US to change tactics. Firstly they finally understand that they cannot defeat the resistance militarily. Secondly they step up the aggression on Iran against their nuclear programme. For both reasons they are releasing dozens of senior Sunni political prisoners and opening negotiations with the Baath environment to counterpoise them against the pro-Iranian forces which have grabbed the reins of the puppet state apparatus. What reaction do you propose?

Iran, the spoiled one of America, was the one who helped in the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. So you should never expect the USA to rise up against Iran. The only voice which will conclude the Battle, is the Furious Voice of Iraq, of the Heroic Resistance and We are Close to Victory and Liberation of Iraq Inch'Allah.