PCAS expresses solidarity with Italian delegation


by the Popular Committee against Siege, Gaza

Popular Committee against Siege (PCAS) is very sorry for what happened to you but this is an indication of the false claims of our oppressors. Israelis claim that they are democratic, but you have seen that they are barbarous by denying your entry to Gaza strip. This shows how Israeli democracy is false.
It's only a game to make the people believe that they are victims. Yet, you have seen that the are putting all Gaza residents in a big concentration camp to perish one by one. But, they will never succeed because we are supported by the real democratic like you, the real lovers of freedom who came from far places to say nay for Israeli's crime.

Your attempt has debunked the Israeli allegation that they are the paragon of democracy. Imagine that what you have faced is always happening to patients! They are being killed in cold blood. Israelis are violating human rights laws, accords, charters and the four Geneva conventions. However, USA and EU are supporting them in a very flagrant way.

Even though you were not allowed in, but our children were very happy that you tried to come and help them. They keep clinging hope on people like yourselves. We express our heartily thanks. We invite you to make more attempts to get into Gaza Strip.

The Gaza strip is in bad conditions, so Israelis will do all steps to prevent others from seeing the real picture. The siege associated with Israeli media blackmail. Today, the number of death toll of Gaza patients under blockade has risen up to 50. So, again we stress on your visit to Gaza…. Or more people will die….!!!

PCAS is still determined that you come to Gaza Strip to interact with what's going on. Your visit will make the world exposed to humanitarian crisis. If you tried again to get in and they prevent you we suggest the follows:

1-We will make a big demonstration to Eretz checkpoint.

2- You can organize a demonstration from your side associated with some Israeli peace bodies and groups.

3- We will organize a press conference on our side and you do the same on your side.

4- You have to attract more media coverage on your side.

5- We will be pleased to publish anything from your side in our website: www.freegaza.ps

6- We invite you to bring more activists into Israel and to launch a big demonstration.

PCAS is still waiting your visit to Gaza and it will facilitate all burdens from your side.

Looking forward for more coporation,

PCAS Chairman