Communist voice from Russia


U.S. to be blamed for massacre in Tskhenvali, but warning against Russian imperial appetites

By Serguei A. Novikov

The first power to blame is the USA as they were behind Georgia trained and armed Saakashvili and actually blessed him and gave him their support even after the terror in Tskhenvali.

Russia is to blame for a very late reaction that resulted in the massacre in Tskhenvali and cost hundreds of lives, while all the local people had known about this bloody Georgian adventure at least a week before and started to leave this city.

Georgia is to blame for the massacre -- for the attempt to gain the "territorial integrity" of Georgia by iron and blood in the first day of the Olympic Games and in August, when most of the officials are on holidays. Saakashvili showed himself as a blood-thirsty American puppet.

Those, who watched the capital of the southern Ossetia destroyed -- they have no doubts, that this Saakashvili is a real military criminal.

What is really new about this outbreak of bloodshed is the emergence of Russian imperialism, which comprehended its interests of a rival and a competitor of US imperialism as well as that of Western Europe. Now this imperialism is actually celebrating its victory, and our main task is not only to show the US involvement, that is rather evident, but to disgrace this victory and to promote internationalism.

It is good, of course, that the Russian authorities do not behave themselves as US pupils as they did under Yeltsin, but our task now is to dissociate our point of view from that of our national bourgeoisie and our national imperialism.