Who profits from the murder of our Christian brothers in Egypt

Parti des Indigènes de la République
A hateful attack just plunged into mourning the Copt community in the North of the Egyptian town of Alexandria. It claimed 21 victims among the worshippers and 80 wounded, some of which policemen. As an extreme act of cynicism, it happened in the vicinity of a sacred place, a church, right during the period of preparation for Orthodox Christmas.

We wish in the first place to express our condolences to this sorely tried community, but we also wish to condemn in the firmest way this perverse action which nothing, no ideology and no belief could ever justify.

At the present state of things we know nothing on the perpetrators of this action, on their identity or on their reasons. Conversely, we know that this attack has taken place following other similar actions having the Christians as a target. Such things happen regularly in Iraq since the US invasion and have a precedent in Egypt last year with the gunfire against a church of Nagaa Hamadi, in the South of the country. Furthermore, other religious communities, such as the Sunni and Shi’ite in Iraq or Pakistan have also been the victims of such operations. At any rate, it is patent that the authors of this attack, whatever their political persuasion may be, are the objective accomplices of those to whom the inter-communitarian clashes have always been the main tool to establish their domination.

From the Franco-British intervention in Lebanon in 1860, that set the basis for the dismantlement of the Ottoman Empire in 1920, to the last US invasion of Iraq in 2004, and with every repeated aggression that has taken place in the last century, Western imperialism has always managed to work for the same goal: to exploit, or even to create from scratch, communitarian problems in the Middle-East, use a certain community against the other, establish corrupt and dictatorial regimes preventing the realisation of unificatory and emancipatory projects; all of this in order to impose in the region small religious - or ethnic-based states loyal to the West. The Zionist entity of Israel, colonial pillar and main watchdog of the regional imperialist system, was created likewise, and so were the mini oil monarchies of the Gulf.

While condemning completely the recent attack against the Copt Egyptian community, we strongly denounce the indecent and criminal political exploitation of those who, in the West, try to instrumentalize it in order to stir up tensions and justify their imperialist war in the region.

by Parti des Indigènes de la République, Saint-Denis, January 6, 2010.