The future of Egypt after Mubarak

Thoughts of a Lebanese living in Vienna, Austria
Elias Tamouz
I know that Mubarak’s regime is not yet abolished, but I know how much the people of Egypt are suffering from unemployment, poverty, humiliation and lack of democracy.

Many young university graduates are earning 300 Euros per month. The normal worker earns 50 Euros/month. This is why young Egyptians between 25 and 40 years old are not able to rent an apartment on their own and leave their parents’ home. And the problem is getting worse since the Egyptian families are not able anymore to finance their sons and daughters even though they are living under one roof. The young generation is desperate and this is why suicide attempts are getting higher and more attempts to immigrate illegally in risky and unhealthy conditions are more frequent.

What is also important to analyze is the position of the US government vis a vis of what is happening in the Arab World. They don’t care if their allies are under threat or in danger, for example Hariri and Jounblat didn’t get any help from the US when the Lebanese opposition was besieging their houses, neither Bin Ali of Tunisia was rescued from the Americans. The only thing they care about is Israel security and oil. They will back up any dictator or totalitarian if he’s willing to recognize the Israeli state and to let Israel open an embassy in home country. The American politics is full of hypocrisy; we are witnessing how the American politicians are trying to show that they encourage freedom of speech but also showing their support to Mubarak regime in Egypt who is banning all kinds of telecommunication in his own Land in order to prevent any additional riots.

Mubarak is a dictator who is punishing he’s people because they are asking for freedom. He’s prohibiting the use of Twitter, facebook, Black berry messenger, cell telephones and other ways of communication in order to paralyze the demonstrations against his totalitarian regime.

I witnessed the suffering of the Egyptian people in Lebanon where university graduates are working in tank stations because they are obliged to since their country could not afford to give them a job. I know that normally these jobs in Lebanon are poorly paid, so the Egyptian worker is leaving his home country and his family to come to Lebanon and to work for 150 Euros or 200 Euros per month in Beirut.

Some Egyptians think that Mubarak will make people run into the streets in demonstration supporting his rule and his dynasty. When I asked if these people are willing in case of clashes to die for Mubarak, they kept their silence.

I don’t think that someone is able to defend his own prison. This is why I expect the fall of this regime sooner or later.

As geostrategic politics Egypt is very important in terms as geography. It’s the neighbor of Israel as well as Gaza. It has the Suez Canal and natural resources like gas. It has the largest Arab population about 80 million inhabitants. The most important thing is that Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel. Neither the Anwar El Sadat regime neither Mubarak regime did a referendum about the Camp David agreement with Israel or about the peace process in the Middle East. What is very much known to the Egyptians that Egyptian gas is being given to Israel for free but on the other hand it’s being sold to other Arab countries like Lebanon and Jordan!?

On Friday the 28th of January 2011 a demonstration was organized by independent Egyptians in Vienna (Austria) held at Stephansplatz in Vienna City Center where around 100 demonstrators gathered while shouting slogans against Mubarak’s rule in Egypt. The demonstration was organized via Facebook. A discussion occurred between one demonstrator and another Egyptian who apparently disagreed with the demonstration. The answer to his disagreement was that the people is free to express himself.

The Israeli Labor Minister Ben-Eliezer told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday 27th of January that Mubarak is strong and wont fall because he is backed from the Army and that Jamal his son is a “brilliant guy”. He thinks that the opposition has no real leader and that Mohamed ElBaradei is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. He thinks that the Egyptian opposition belongs to the Islamists only and that other kind of opposition doesn’t exist in Egypt.

The western media is deadly and murderous as much as the police of Mubarak who is shooting at innocent civilians asking for work, education and freedom.

The Austrian TV “ORF” invited 3 reporters from Washington, Brussels and Israel to speak about the situation in Egypt and the reaction of these 3 capitals towards the revolution. But ORF didn’t bother itself to ask the opinion of an Arab reporter in any Arab capital or from an Arab TV like Al Jazeera or from Egypt itself or from Palestine which is also a neighboring country to Egypt.

In Amman – Jordan, ORF asked only an activist belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood about the purposes of the demonstrations meanwhile it’s very well known that the first who motivated the Jordanians to demonstrate where leftists, nationalists and independents and not the Islamists. I don’t know if they do it on purpose or it’s always a coincidence but the western media tend always to show that there’s no alternative in the Arab world expect fascism or radical Islam.

What does it mean that the Egyptian tanks belonging to the Egyptian Army surrounded the American and British Embassies in Cairo? Is it to protect them? From whom? From the protesters? Is the regime protecting his protectors? Do the American and British policy makers feel threatened by the free Egyptian people who’s asking for democracy? Do the American and British regime fear the Arab Democracy and why? And what about Israel, doesn’t she fears also Arab Democracy?