“Annan plan not dead”

Michel Kilo responding on questions arising after the Houla massaker
Interview conducted by Wilhelm Langthaler
In a telephone interview conducted by the Anti-imperialist Camp on May 31, Michel Kilo, a senior democratic activist, put the blame for the massacre on the Assad regime. “All evidence points to a shelling by the army and near distance killings by the Shabiha militia.”

To the questions whether the Houla massacre spells the end of the Annan plan, Kilo answers with a resolute no. “We must fight for the implementation of the plan as the consequences of its end are dire.” According to Kilo there are many forces who want the end of the UN presence to start and all out war which would further harm the popular democratic movement.

Asked on the recent general strike in Damascus, the capital which remained so far relatively quiet in comparison with the centers of the revolt, he pointed to an unprecedented development. “The fact that the chamber of commerce, the representative of the commercial bourgeoisie, for the first time voiced significant dissent to the regime makes them tremble. It is a very promising sign.”