Negotiations at behest of the bourgeoisie?

Position of the Syrian revolutionary left regarding dialogue with the dictatorial regime
Revolutionary Left Current in Syria
We witnessed at the beginning of this year, two important events regarding the activities of the Syrian opposition. Firstly, the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change’s (NCCDC) meeting in Geneva in which this latter returned at its conclusion to reach an understanding with some conditions for a dialogue with the ruling junta regime. The second event was the initiative of Sheikh Maaz Khatib, head of the National Coalition, who also suggested a conditional dialogue with the regime.

No sane person can refuse lightly everything that can stop or ease the suffering of our people and their great sacrifices, but this does not mean, that we have to accept and support any initiative claiming it is seeking to do so. The judgment on such initiatives is subject, from our point of view, to the criteria meeting the following conditions: to provide for the masses the ability to re-establish their fight and struggle to topple the dictatorial regime, that does not provide for the latter to prolong its time or survival, and in particular that allow the space for radical change from below in favor of the popular classes and to serve their direct and general interests.

(NCCDC) and Sheikh Moaz initiatives both converge in calling for “change from above”, with the difference that the initiative of Sheikh al-Khatib, whatever is its ultimate fate, reflects clearly the will of the traditional bourgeoisie and especially of Damascus, to find a solution that maintains its class interests, which were served by the current regime for decades, but that became theaten completely with this popular revolution. This bourgeois class became encourage for the need for partial change partial and from above of the dictatorial regime, restricted to political feature, and not social ones. This is and has been originally and essentially what are calling for the allies of the regime and also the countries that claim to be the friend of the Syrian people. Both parties do not want or wish the victory of the popular revolution.

In this context, we express our refusal of such initiatives that do not meet the root political and social requirements from the bottom of the popular revolution, and do not contribute to the strengthening of the popular movement, on the path to victory.

All the power and wealth to the people

Damascus 10/2/2013

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