Stop Bombama

Call to action against the US attack by democratic and anti-imperialist Syrians
Thursday, 12. September 2013 - 17:00
upon request
Facing the imminent US aggression, many forces of the opposition sadly and short-sightedly took side with imperialism by endorsing the US military attack in order to get rid of the tyranny. Popular democracy, however, can only be achieved against imperialism. Democracy requires self-determinations and that is the contrary of foreign military intervention. Therefore we strongly support all those democratic forces in Syria who at the same time and in the same decided way oppose imperialism.

Following emergency meeting to take place in Brussels on September 12, 2013, has been convened by the “Alliance of Civil and Political Forces against Dictatorship and Foreign Intervention”. It invites Syrians, Arabs and Europeans to stand together against the military aggression, to support the democratic rights for the people and to search for a political solution.

Requests for participation will be forwarded by us to the organisers.

Against Dictatorship and Foreign Military Intervention in Syria

On 18 March 2011 the Syrian genie exploded in the face of dictatorship demanding freedom, justice and dignity, and aspiring to a civil democratic Syria, and the fall of tyranny and the system of corruption in all its symbols and foundations in political life.

As is the case of dictatorships in the modern history of humankind, the military security option is the only response given. The Syrian Revolution plunged into a quagmire of violence and counter-violence which opened the door wider for multi-faceted regional and international foreign intervention from various parts.

Today, Syria stands on a dangerous threshold. Its entitlement to nationhood and democracy is threatened by the warning of direct foreign military intervention, which opens the door to a sectarian civil war and its fate cannot be determined.

All human experiences have proven that occupation - foreign aggression - does not create a remedy for the internal tyranny of any dictatorship, and Syria at the brunt of the threat of declared goal of foreign military intervention is faced with two choices, and not three:

1 - Reproduce the tyranny that exists today, or the coming one, on the grounds of a foreign and internal military confrontation;

2 – The national democratic civil peaceful project that opens the door - at least partially - to get rid of dictatorship and tyranny. Let us firmly grasp our realistic dreams which the Syrian youth initiated for a strong civil and democratic Syria, and raise our voice against all forms of old and new domination that put us between a choice of dictatorship or dependency.

The Alliance of Civil and Political Forces against Dictatorship and Foreign Intervention in Syria will organize an international seminar in order to study and analyze the reality and the future, which is basically a closed horizon in the shadow of the introduction of foreign military intervention in the Syrian situation.

This would be held in the presence of Syrian and international figures in Brussels on Thursday 12 September 2013

We invite all supporters of freedom, justice and peace to participate in this special occasion.