April 2011

Declaration of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
To the masses of the Arab Nation, to all patriotic and national organisations in the Arab Homeland
Destroying freedom in the name of freedom
by John Wight
The ban on the wearing in public of the veil by Muslim women in France, which has just come into effect, brings shame to the French people and marks the latest stage in the process whereby Enlightenment values are being used to provide philosophical and political cover for the continuing isolation and stigmatisation of Muslims at home whilst bombing them overseas. It is a policy being carried out in the name of progress but which in truth is the cultural front in the ongoing war being waged by the West to assert and maintain its global hegemony.
Severe repression pass unnoticed
by Anti Imperialist Day observation Committee, Manipur
On May 7, 2008, Mr. Sapam Kangleipal Meitei was arrested at the Manipur Press Club, in Imphal, for having organised a public discussion on “Arming the Civilians and Its Possible Consequences (in Manipur)” and making statements regarding the above issue in the Sangai Express Daily dated May 6, 2008, reportedly demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister of Manipur in response to his failure in terms of governance.
Gear up to protest against the compliance report of Odisha government favoring POSCO project
by Prashant Paikray
Bijay Kumar Pattnaik, the Chief Secretary (CS), Government of Odisha announced recently (9th April 2011 ) that the state government would submit to the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF), GoI on 13th of April 2011 (Wednesday) the report assuring that there are no Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (OTFDs) in the proposed POSCO area in Jagatsingur district of the state . This was the assurance sought by the MoEF for giving final clearance to the project. The CS also claimed that the state government has properly implemented Forest Rights Act 2006 in the area, which will form a part of this report.
Syria: Democratic rights will strengthen the Arab revolution
Anti-imperialist Camp
Syria remains the only Arab regime which maintains some anti-imperialist traits: its support to Hezbollah and the political space it offers to the Palestinian resistance movement – to name only the two most important ones. However, cementing its absolute, even dynastic powers, Bashar al-Assad is not helping the anti-imperialist cause. On the contrary, the people need fresh air to breathe, to mobilise, to prepare for the overall Arab liberation struggle against western neo-colonialism ahead.