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Lugansk – Gewerkschaftsrepublik

29. Mai 2019
Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019

Vom 8.-12. Mai befand sich eine 9-köpfige Österreichische Friedens- und Neutralitätsdelegation im Donbass. Hier einige Eindrücke von der Reise.

Donbass: miners and anti-fascists
Even in just a few days, any visitor will realise that obvious facts on the ground in the so-called separatist areas blatantly contradict several basic assumptions: At least in the capital cities of Donets and Lugansk, normal everyday life prevails, there is no war or emergency situation evident. You have to look closely and ask locals to find signs of a war. At the moment, Paris is definitely more militarised. On the other hand the economic difficulties, the social consequences of the uncertain situation and the lack of investment are quite obvious. Concerning politics and culture, there is a kind of re-sovietisation, even though the social foundations and causes are completely different from the Soviet past. Two elements seem to be central for the identity in the People’s … [weiterlesen]
Donetsk - land of shafts and slag heaps
From May 8 to 12, 2019, an Austrian Peace and Neutrality* Delegation consisting of nine people has visited the Donbass. Here some photo impressions. See political call in german / Russian / Ukrainian * refering to the constitutional principle of statal neutrality in international conflicts designed as a result of the German Nazi defeat and its imperialist ambitions. Austria should refrain from any imperialist bloc and maintain neutraliity between … [weiterlesen]