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Anti-imperialist Camp 2001

9. February 2001

Preliminary Programme

July 28 – August 5
Assisi, Italy

Saturday, July 28


21.00: Concert and official inauguration of Camp 2001

Two workshops will be held during the whole duration of the Camp:
a) IT-workshop, focussing on a more appropriate usage of the Internet
b) Workshop on art and visual communication in the anti-imperialist struggle

Sunday, July 29

Meetings with the international delegations

15.30: Plenary Session
The prohibited language
Anti-imperialist struggle, science, technology and mass communication

21.00: Forums
Forum 1: Political Prisoners
a) Methodology of oppression and punishment
b) The cold war´s loot
c) Statistics of political prisoners

Forum 2: Exodus and migrants
a) Freedom of circulation for capital but not for human beings
b) Racism and working class
c) Immigrants, neo-liberalism and class struggle

Forum 3: Nuclear war at low intensity
a) What is depleted uranium?
b) The new culture of destruction
c) Social consequences of the nuclear crimes


Monday, July 30

Meetings with the international delegations

15.30: Plenary Session
Region of wrath
The Palestinian Question and the Middle East Conflict

21.00: Forums
Forum 1: Afghanistan
a) 25 years of civil war
b) The Talibans and the CIA
c) Which way out?

Forum 2: Kurdistan
a) Repression is continuing
b) PKK´s turn
c) Independence or autonomy?

Forum 3: Water of contention
a) The strategy behind vital resources
b) To kill the enemy through thirst
c) The Palestinian-Israeli case


Tuesday, July 31

Meetings with the international delegations

Round Table: For a critical history of Italian communism
a) The CPI´s origins and the role of Antonio Gramsci
b) The XX. Congress and the China-USSR break
c) Towards a new communist party?

15.30: Plenary Session
Bitter Harvest
The destruction of our environment and the future of mankind

21.00: Forums
Forum 1: From the Atlantic where to?
a) The European Union after the Nice Summit
b) Under NATO´s umbrella
c) Federation of Nation-states?

Forum 2: The Indian subcontinent
a) Nation-states or Religion-states?
b) Feudalism or dependent capitalism?
c) The Chinese-Indian dispute

Forum 3: Trade union struggle
a) Neo-liberalism and the decline of traditional trade unions
b) New rank and file trade unionism: the Italian case
c) Towards new forms of struggle and organisation


Wednesday, August 1

Meetings with the international delegations

15.30: Plenary Session
The global challenge
The antagonistic forces and the perspectives of the anti-globalisation movement

21.00: Forums
Forum 1: Neo-liberalism and theology of liberation
a) Religion and social struggle
b) The Pentagon and the Gospel
c) Christian atheism?

Forum 2:Techniques of extermination
a) NATO strategies for global dominion
b) The multinationals´ armies
c) Embargos

Forum 3: Let the workers speak
a) Inquiry on the factory struggle in Italy
b) The flexible and precarious proletariat
c) Towards a new workers culture?


Thursday, August 2

Meetings with the international delegations

15.30: Plenary Session
Hidden Genocide
Crimes in Africa and Europe´s complicity

21.00: Forums
Forum 1: The Bask country, Catalonia, Corsica, Sardinia and Ireland
a) Two cases of internal colonisation
b) National question and social liberation
c) Endeavours for independence and the Left

Forum 2: Philosophy and revolution
a) On the relationship Hegel-Marx
b) Science and Consciousness
c) Dialectical materialism and philosophy

Forum 3: The Balkans hornets´ nest
a) NATO and the expansion to the East
b) Social classes, nations and ethnic groups: the case of Yugoslavia
c) Nationalism and communism


Friday, August 3

Meetings with the international delegations

Round Table: Ernesto Che Guevara´s thinking and action

15.30: Plenary Session
A living dream
Defeat and reconstruction of the Latin American Left

21.00: Forums
Forum 1: The Free Trade Treaty of the Americas
a) A common neo-liberalist market from the North Pole to the South Pole
b) Ecuador´s dollarisation
c) Civil society and Marxist perspectives
d) The defenders of “civilism”

Forum 2: The situation of the indigenous people in Latin America
a) Apartheid in Latin America
b) The Left and the silence of racial segregation
c) Armed struggle
d) The Nobel peace prize as a punishment

Forum 3: Columbia
a) The guerrillas: separately united
b) The USA´s bacteriological war
c) How to win the war
d) Comparison of the different theories of liberation


Saturday, August 4

Meetings with the international delegations

15.30: Plenary Session
Rebellion is necessary!
The protagonists of the new anti-imperialist front take the floor

21.30: Concert and Farewell Party


Sunday, August 5