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International Conference for Balkans and Middle East, Athens 15.03-19.03.2001.

15. March 2001

By the Balkan Socialist Center “Christian Rakofsky”

Following we publish extracts from the preparatory committee, issued in February 2000:

“Down with Imperialism!
Victory to Intifada!
Socialist federation in Balkans and Middle East!

..The election of the butcher Sharon and the formation of a government of national unity highlight the start of a crisis that changes the political situation in the area and internationally…The strategy of USA imperialism based on Oslo agreements has doomed to fail…The peace process in Middle East is proved to be a process of transforming the occupied territories into Bantustans, establishing an Apartheid regime under the control of the Zionist state…The state, the ideological and political structures of Zionism are in deep decay…The bankruptcy of the Arab bourgeois nationalism that led in failure can not be hidden. The necessity of unity of the suppressed Palestinian masses with the Jews workers against Zionism, is more necessary than ever. The only viable solution is the establishment of a peoples`, democratic, socialist republic in the historical territories of Palestine, without religious or national segregation, in an effort to create the United Socialist States of Middle East.
The tragedy of Yugoslavia keeps going on over a decade. Two years after the NATO aggression and after the downfall of Milosevic, is far from over. The break up of former Yugoslavia keeps going on as indicates by the armed conflict in South Serbia, the secessionist moves of Djukanovic, the occupation of Kosovo. The scandal with depleted uranium showed that the human disaster of 1999 was in fact a nuclear war of low scale of imperialism against all the Balkan people. The “Stability Pact” impoverishes the people of Balkans. The ongoing process of integration to the world capitalist market destroys the lives of millions, enriches the local elites and the international finance capital, feeds the national hate, xenophobia, racism against immigrants, fascism. The crisis is not limited to the ex-Yugoslav republics. Albania, despite the chauvinist dreams of “Greater Albania” has turned to a NATO protectorate and his people are economically exploited in Italy, Greece. Bulgaria, Romania turn to abyss. The loans of International Monetary Fund are tools for the slavery, the control and the recolonization of these countries…The Balkan Center “Christian Rakofsky” struggles for the perspective of a Balkan Socialist Federation, free from imperialism and all the domestic dominant national cliques and mafias. In Turkey, the economic crisis and the intervention of International Monetary Fund coincides with an explosive political crisis, as it is demonstrated by the heroic hunger strike till death of the political prisoners and the barbaric smash by the state. In Kurdistan, despite the arrest of Öcalan and the abandonment of armed struggle by PKK, new explosions are prepared. The conflict between the dominant classes of Turkey, Greece for the local hegemony and gore who can represent better the interests of imperialism, causes tensions and dangers of an armed conflict… Ten years after the break-up of Soviet Union, the crisis in Russia and Caucasus is far from over. The absorb of the ex- Soviet republics to the international capitalist market is still an unsolved problem for the international capitalism. The NATO expansion to the East, the new NATO dogma, the NATO intervention in Balkans highlight the efforts of imperialism to establish its control through military means… The fate of millions in this area is more tightly connected and the necessity of a common liberation struggle against the common enemies more urgent and vital than ever. Our center was formed in January 2000, on the base of proletarian internationalism. We consider ourselves as part of the international struggle of the working class……We invite all the organizations that refer to the working class and the revolutionary struggle, against all the bureaucracies and recognize the necessity of a common action for the overthrow of capitalism and all forms of exploitation, to join the International Conference for Balkans and Middle East that will take place in Athens from 15/3/2001 till 19/3/2001.
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