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Comrade Farooq Tariq is still in prison

26. March 2001

Urgent communiquà© by the Labour Party of Pakistan

Dear comrades,
Five LPP comrades and some persons from other parties have been released from jail. They were arrested on 23 March` when they were in a rally for the restoration of democracy. But Farooq Tariq is still in jail. Punjab Advocate General deliberately did not present the FIR(first information report) in Lahore High Court. Advocate General said in court that he has no information about the FIR, which is totally false. It is impossible that administration is unable to get the copy of FIR in time. It shows that government is using delaying tactics. On that false report Court postpone the hearing on 27 March. Government banned to meet the arrested persons. Still no one is able to meet Farooq T.
LPP will go for press conference on Monday and will present the FIR copy to Press.

Please sent protest letters to Chief Executive for immediate release of Farooq Tariq

March 25, 2001