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10 Years after Disintegration of the USSR: Lost Illusions

21. April 2001

International Scientific Conference

Organized by State Duma of Russian Federation
(Committee on Science and Education)
And “Alternatives” Foundation

Moscow, June 21-24, 2001, Russian State Library

Call for Papers!

Main topics for debates:

1. Reasons of Disintegration: internal and external factors
2. Consequences of Disintegration: internal and external factors
3. “Really existed socialism: what it was?
4. World without USSR: more or less stability, equality and democracy?
5. The End of the History? (Perspectives of the Socialism after collapse of the USSR)
6. The End of the Planned Economy and global capitalism crisis (Plan or Market: competition is [not] finished?)
7. Former USSR republics: who won from the disintegration?
8. Homo Soveticus and Homo economicus
9. Transitional Societies: forever?
10. Perspectives of reintegration: can new super-power reappear on the place of the USSR?

Speakers from the following institutions will participate in the conference:
1. Moscow State University and other Universities of Russian Federation
2. Russian Academy of Science (Institute Of Economy, Institute Of Europe, Institute Of USA, IMEMO, Institute Of Philosophy, Institute Of Comparative. Politology, Institute Of Sociology and so on)
3. Gorbachev Foundation
4. Universities of former USSR Republics
5. Foreigners from Central Europe and West Europe, China, Japan, USA

For participation in the conference, please, send us summary of your paper (1 p.) and information about yourself and we`ll send you invitation from Duma of Russian Federation. Main papers of the conference will be published

Working languages: Russian and English

Unfortunately, organizational committee can not pay for your trip and hotel, but we can help you to receive visa, reserve for you hotel ($30 – $100) or hostel ($ 10-20), meet you in the airport, organize tours in Moscow, reserve tickets to Bolshoy ballet.

For contacts:

Alexandr Buzgalin, 103001, Moscow, Trehprudni 6-46; tel.: 7-095-299-7739, fax: 7-095-292-9676; e-mail:

Serguei A. Novikov