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Afrikan Liberation Day 2001, May 26th 2001

24. April 2001

Smash Neocolonialism – No More Coups in Africa-Organize the Masses for One Unified Socialist Africa!

To: Revolutionary and Progressive African Organizations and Individuals, National Liberation Movements, Progressive Alliance Organizations, Community Activists and Student Community

All African People`s Revolutionary Party

Afrikan Liberation Day 2001, May 26th 2001
Our theme this year is “Smash Neocolonialism – No More Coups in Africa-Organize the Masses for One Unified Socialist Africa! ”

Please join us by participating in this year`s Afrikan Liberation Day 2001 Activities. Afrikan Liberation Day will be held in cities around the globe on:

Friday, May 25th (check your local area) Political Symposium Saturday, May 26th, 2001- March and Rally 12noon to 5pm (please wear white as a sign of solidarity)

Southern California will host Afrikan Liberation in Compton California
Compton College
1111 E. Artesia Blvd.
Allied Health Building
May 26th Saturday only 12noon to 5pm

Program will include invited representatives from:
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, Irish Republican Socialist Party, El Partido DeLa Raza Unida, Four Directions,UNIA and many many more.
Cultural edu-tainment:
Conscious rap, poetry, African dance troupes, and more….
(for more information contact 562/ 595-1192)

What is Afrikan Liberation Day?
It is a world-wide commemoration of Afrikan liberation struggle-founded at the first conference of African States in Accra, Ghana April 15, 1958, where Africa leaders and political activist gathered representing struggles from Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, the United Arab Republic (which was the federation of Egypt and Syria), National Liberation Front of Algeria, Union of the Cameroonian Peoples. This conference was significant due to the fact that Ghana`s independence in 1957 under the leadership of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah permanently grounded the Pan African movement and established its natural base at home. The conference also represented the first Pan-Afrikanist conference held on African soil representing the collective struggles and one of the first mass expressions of African People`s disgust with the system of colonialism and Imperialism.

At that meeting, there was a CALL TO ACTION from the people to work to permanently destroy the system of colonialism and imperialism and free the world from the rape and torture of these global bandits. They not only pledge to unite to continue the liberation of Africa but also called for the founding of African Freedom Day, a day which each year would acknowledge the onward progress of the liberation movement.

Five years later, at the Conference of Independent African States in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia May 25, 1963, with the founding of the Organization of AFrican Unity (O. A. U. ), African Freedom Day was renamed African Liberation Day and proclaimed to be held each year on that date.

Since 1972, our Party, the All African People`s Revolutionary Party has held Afrikan Liberation Day from Washington DC to Accra Ghana, bringing together revolutionary and progressive forces through out the African diaspora who are apart of the Afrikan Liberation struggle and uniting those forces with those in other national liberation struggles from Palestine to Ireland to Mexico to New Caledonia to strengthen Pan Africanism and the world wide struggle for national liberation and the world wide socialist movement.

Today, our struggle is ever heightened by the globalization of Capitalism and Imperialism. Through the persistent onslaught of African men, women and children in the diamond rich areas of Sierre Leone, Guinea, Liberia, the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi lead by the neocolonialist puppets of the new /old world order, who seek to regain the losses of Capitalism, Africa`s unity and liberty is in crisis. Those losses were once the gains of the mass struggle for Africa`s liberation from colonialism in the period 1945 to 1980 – when our champions of Pan Africanism (C. P. P., P.D.G.,P.A.I.G.C., ZANU and many others) lead the victorious struggle to liberate every African nation on the continent and unite Africa as it had once been.

This struggle also reached the Caribbean, central and south america, where Africans waged intense mass revolts and formed unions, political parties and built other institutions of liberation.

Today, over 1.5 million African women, men and children, especially African women and children-just last year-have been killed, maimed / tortured and plain hacked to pieces by the neocolonial puppets of the diamond dragons. Over 1 million have died just last year in Eastern and Southern Africa of HIV/AIDS, the biological war weapon of choice for capitalist forces seeking to deplete the African population and weaken the possibility of a true people`s movement for freedom and justice, power and true democracy that does not exist in the present South Africa or most areas of the African continent. The Only Solution is Revolution-of the masses of the people! We need mass, revolutionary organizations!

There are wars all over Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and the growing prison industrial complex in the united snakes-that is the New Slave deposit, the answer for capitalism`s decreasing labor market. In the face of a growing and strengthening labor movement that seeks to break the back of the World Bank/IMF and WTO-the arm of the new /old world order, this movement is raising the consciousness and organizing power of the working masses and the masses of people are showing through organization, that capitalism is weakening and the people`s power is growing ever stronger.

Kwame Nkrumah correctly informs us that Neo-colonialism is the last stage of imperialism and this to is coming to pass. And with it, the need for persistent and consistent vigilance, revolutionary consciousness and organization!

Our theme is appropriate and timely.
We ask that you join us this Afrikan Liberation day wherever you are and help raise the consciousness of our people. March with us. Join us at our political symposiums. Tell everyone you know to attend. Invite all revolutionary and progressive organizations. Bring your organization. Join an organization if you are not in one.

Help us to continue the struggle to liberate and unite Africa. Help us to build the largest African Mass Organization that has even been seen since the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey`s UNIA. Help us build a powerful and united alliance front that will defeat capitalism and imperialism world wide and make way for the only democratic system of the people-Socialism (taken from our original communal way of life-adapted to the technological age).

Build Pan Africanism
Long live the African Revolution!
Long Live the struggle for liberation of all indigenous Peoples!
Long live the struggle for justice, equality and true democracy!
Forward ever
A luta continua