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Seattle Hunger Strike Commemoration – 13 May 2001

5. May 2001


Seattle Hunger Strike Commemoration – 13 May 2001

In 1981, ten young men, members of the Irish Republican Army and the Irish National Liberation Army, and prisoners of war (POWs), died on hunger strike while incarcerated in the North of Ireland. Stripped of their political status as POWs, these men asked for five basic rights – rights which the British occupying forces could have easily granted – but instead they were left to die, while the world looked on in horror.

Bobby Sands (IRA), Francis Hughes (IRA), Raymond McCreesh (IRA), Patsy O`Hara (INLA), Joe McDonnell (IRA), Martin Hurson (IRA), Kevin Lynch (INLA), Kieran Doherty (IRA), Thomas McElwee (IRA), and Michael Devine (INLA) will never be forgotten, not now while we still struggle for freedom; and not ever, even when justice and freedom are finally won by the people of Ireland.

This year, 2001, is the 20th anniversary of the deaths of these brave young men. The first of several events in the Seattle area to commemorate this anniversary will be held on Sunday, May 13th, location and time to be announced soon.

The main speaker will be special guest of honour Michaela McCafferty, niece of hunger striker Patsy O`Hara. Michaela is visiting the US from Derry throughout May on a speaking tour. She may also sing a song or two. Two of her songs can be heard at:

The event will also feature a showing of the documentary “The Last Hunger Strike”, which tells of the events leading to and including the 1981 hunger strikes, with a special emphasis on Michael Devine, the final hunger striker to die.

The event is being sponsored by the Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee and the Puget Sound Chapter of the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America.

For more information, contact Danielle Ni Dhighe at