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Marx, Lenin and Trotsky´s Anti-Zionist Positions on the Jewish Question

27. June 2001

By Ziad elJishi

It is clear here that the attempt at relegating Marx`s, Lenin`s, and Trotsky`s positions on the Jewish Question to “relativism” with regards to Jewish nationalism/Zionism is an attempt to throw mud in the water and create confusion. The reason being is that taking the quotes at an early stage or late stage means little when one understands the fundamental Marxist scientific notions that deal with the question of chauvinist nationalism especially as evident in communist positions firm and resolved against Nazism and Zionism alike two ideologies intertwined in fascism and racial segregation.

It is a mute point to argue when this was said or that was said the important point is this:

In the ultimate communist stage NO RELIGIOUS or NATIONALIST affiliations exist to separate people. The communist cry is even clearer in its call for revolution, it subscribes to the formation of two classes the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie in its call in the communist manifesto it makes this clear for all:

It addresses *WORKERS* of the WORLD to UNITE. To shed their chains and win a world to come.

The fundamental notions of Marxism and its science discuss the evolution of societies in historical materialist progression to shed the primitive biases of racism, chauvinistic nationalism, and religious separation. As Samir Amin would say, the very concept of a nation state in Europe was the founding of a feudal Europe where racial and linguistic differences were encouraged to separate the peasants in order to facilitate their exploitation.

Keeping in mind that the Arab homeland necessitates as Mao Tso Tung said a pragmatic Marxism not a dogmatic application of the Western model. A Marxist program (subject of an upcoming article of mine) in the Arab homeland must take on the special circumstances of the Arab homeland in its current historical materialist stage.

But for now and on this topic, I wish to share with you the quotes from Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky that are in sound keeping with Marxist position, that scientific Marxism which is clear against nationalist chauvinism, Jewish nationalism and segregation as manifested by our today`s fascist Zionist entity in Palestine.

(Taken from Mawsoo3at AlMafaheim Wal Mostala7at AlSahyounieyah-Abdul Wahab Mohamed AlMesseyri-1975.
Markaz AlDerasat AlSeyaseyah Wal Istrateygeyah Bil Ahram-The Encyclopedia of Zionist Terms and Understandings-The Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Ahram-Egypt)(translated from Arabic).


“The reorganizing of society that eliminates the fundamental conditions that allow trade by the middle man and travelling vendor, eliminates eventually the carrying through of such activity rendering the character of the Jew impossible. The conscienceness and religious awakening of the Jew thus also becomes impossible and dissolves in the fresh dynamic and real air of society”.
I think the important two inferences here are:

1-The economic role practiced by the Jews of Europe created an isolation of him/her from the productive and integral role in European society as one with the productive methods of the time.
This is because he/she practices the role of middle man and travelling vendor. Two trade traits that make him/her transient (in travel) and not assimilating (of the middle man) into the society he/she was a part of. I am only speaking here in answer to those who ask me why: “the Jewish character was discriminated against throughout history”. As Marx I believe pointed it was the economic conditions he/she played was one factor.

2-The second factor is that this “religious awakening” Marx speaks of which will be dissolved in the re-arranging of history gotten rid of in the clear air of a socialist society free of such distinctions(which incidently what I believe Trotsky was alluding to as well), is the same one that lends to anti-assimalitionist behaviour within the European Jewish community and eventually lead to the creation of the Zionist movement and the rape of Palestine.

It is also worth noting here that many Jews took on the assimilation route alternative and faced off Zionists. Many of whom did NOT immigrate to Palestine and remain in assimilation in the European/other communities they took nationalities from. Here, perhaps is the anti-assimilationist role Judaic religious isolation (as manifested in its advocates) plays a part.
See Orthodox Judaism in the US as example.

*(IN other words Judaism which is a religious affiliation not a race or nationality becomes transformed into a nationality and race. This is what i mean in anti-assimilationism. In socialist society religious isolation is not allowed and so a reactionary force like Zionism would not be allowed to rise on the ridiculous premises of a pure Jewish Race, a Jewish State, or a Jewish nationality. Only In CAPITALISM and IMPERIALISM are such religion based states and ludicrous notions of chauvinistic nationalism allowed and sustained not in SOCIALISM!!)

The line that created the catastrophe in Palestine was the one that refused assimilation and built the “pure Jewish State” in Palestine through its settlement project. This is the motto they use” the only way the Jews can be free is if they have a homeland of their own”.
Which is false of course.

Lenin: “The idea of “Jewish nationalism” is against the interests of the Jewish proletariat, because it spreads amongst its ranks directly or indirectly, a spirit opposed to assimilation that being the spirit of the “ghetto”.

Lenin on the Zionist Colonial Role in Palestine:
It is incumbent upon us to explain and expose continuously for the largest segment of the working classes in the whole world; to the underdeveloped nations in particular, the organized deliberate deceiving tactics that colonial powers use in order to create independent colonial political structures wholly dependent on it and wholly in service to it-economically, financially, and militarily.
The Zionist aspirations in Palestine are a clear example of this method as colonialism practices it onto oppressed nations with the help of its allies and the bourgeoisie of those nations.

” The solution of the Jewish problem is not in creating a Jewish state among other non Jewish states but in restructuring society into a solid internationalist cohesive structure.”

The solution to the Jewish question thus becomes clear and simple it is summarized in one word “ASSIMILATION”.
The socialist state will achieve this to Jews and others where religious and racial distinctions are dropped and forgotten.

As for the Arab Homeland after the collapse of the Zionist entity and the return of Palestine to the Arab homeland, the Arab unification project is the next stage in the face of imperialism. It is the prerequisite to its evolution to the next stage of the struggle “the confrontation and defeat of capitalism”.

Ziad elJishi