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After Genoa the antiglobalisation movement will change

29. July 2001

Message of the communist Party of Greece (ML)

Hereby, the P.C.G. (m-l) wishes to Camp Anti-imperialism success with the international meeting that will take place at Assisi in Italy.
After the events of Genoa, the existing situation of the movement will change in order to claim from any revolutionary force to stand up for the situations.

From one side, the dangers of a deviation through the “militarism” of political action and also from the other side, the dangers of the retire of the movement towards to more legalistic and reformist illusions are distinctive. Against all these dangers, the only reply is an ideological and political clarification and an organizing upgrade of the movement.

Especially for us that we live in the area of the Balkans, we have the belief that the war, which keeps raging, it can be stopped only by one way, by the rise of the Antiimperialistic- Anticapitalistic revolutionary movement. And this is our main concern.

Once again we wish success at your political perspectives-dedicated works and looking forward for an even more intimate relationship and developments upon the Anti-imperialistic movements of your region.


P.S. We would like to invite you and every Balkanic organization too, “a priori” to the meeting at 16-17-18 of November 2001 in Greece with subject:
The political situation in Balkans and the prospect of the movement.