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PCMLE from Ecuador speaks at the camp

1. August 2001

Resistance against dollarisation and the American free trade zone

The representative of the PCMLE (Marxist Leninist Party of Ecuador) held a detailed speech about the total social crisis, which was imposed on the Ecuadorian people by more than 20 years of neoliberalism. This social crisis has deepened in the 90ies: 8 million of the 12 million inhabitants of the country live in poverty, in 1995 the number was 3,7 millions. 80 percent of the working people suffer from unemployment and under employment.

The PCMLE is the leading the people in the resistance fights against the recent attacks on its living conditions: dollarisation of the economy und the American free trade zone, which was negotiated at the last summit of American governments in Quebec. Not taking part in mobilisations there, the Ecuadorian people have forced two presidents to resign in recent months.