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For the Self-Determination of the Basque Country and Sardinia

3. August 2001

Report on the plenary session with Senideak and the Confederation of Sardinian Communists

The Sardinian movement is one of the most forgotten fights for national self-determination in Europe. The position of the island is for strategic importance not only for Italy but for the criminal wars of the NATO. Therefore Sardinian nationalists often refer to their homeland as “the swimming aircraft carrier”. In his speech the comrade from the Confederation of Sardinian Communists referred to the exploitation of the country for the purpose of tourism and the role environmentalists play in taking the land out of the hands of the people.

Senideak, an organisation of the relatives of political prisoners in the Basque country, stressed the point that the national struggle in their country is and always has been combined with the social movement. It must be the duty of the Spanish and French workers to support this struggle for national and social self-determination and therefore lay the grounds for the liberation.