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International action for Russian political prisoners needed

6. August 2001

Address of the RPC Russia to the Anti-imperialist Camp

The revolutionary Party of Communists (RPC) welcomes your Camp and supports its main idea of revolutionary struggle against the contemporary imperialism in the epoch of globalisation of capital, which destroys today not only rights, freedoms and welfare of millions of working people in both imperialist and developing countries, but also the basis of the very life on Earth. We quite agree, that the revolt against this world of injustice, growing inequality and terrifying absurd is not only fair, but necessary. The proof of it we see in the fact, that in Russia as well as in many other parts of the World more and more people are raising in arms (not only military, but also political, scientific and cultural arms of critique), comprehending this necessity in their own way.

In recent years the RPC supported practical initiatives of the organisers and participants of the Camp, aimed against NATO as well as manifestations in defence of territorial integrity and independence of Yugoslavia. We hope, that the new initiatives, that will be born in Assisi in the course of this Camp, will find our support as well.

Unfortunately, this year the RPC failed to send its delegate to Assisi, but we are closely following your activity and looking forward to see the materials of this year`s camp.

We very much hope, that with all the urgency of the situation with political prisoners in such countries as Turkey, Peru, Egypt and so on, you will find it possible to express your support to the present political prisoners in neo-bourgeois Russia. For us it is not only the point of defence of rights, lives and health of those, who stood on the way of revolutionary struggle with the pro-imperialist Yeltsin/Putin regime, but also the point of propaganda of the cause of revolutionary struggle, the necessity of revolutionary violence as the only way to overthrow the bourgeois system, the point, that marks a real political watershed between opportunists and revolutionary communists in Russia today.

2 August 2001

With revolutionary anti-imperialist greetings Chairman of the Political Council of the CC of the Revolutionary Party of Communists and the Committee in Defence of Political Prisoners in Russia
Anatoly V. Kryuchkov