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Support the demands of the revolutionary prisoners in Turkey

8. August 2001

Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi 2001

Today, in the name of globalisation the imperialist forces have opened a total war against the worker´s class and the oppressed people of the world. With their decisions which they hide from the people a handful of exploiters decide on the fate of milliars of people. Without caring about any rules it tries to bend down the countries and people´s movements whom they see as dangerous. Today imperialism can apply embargos against any country it wants. To avoid a possible revolution troups are sent and they try to make interventions, throw bombs on peoples who want to protect their independence, and continue their politics of plunder and destruction through institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank.
As ist is the case everywhere, imperialism tries to break the people of Turkey with economical, military and ideological attacks, and even in a very open way. For instance, the second man of the World Bank was assigned to the minister of economy of Turkey. To protect their interests in the Balkans, in Caucasia and the Middle East, the NATO forces use our country as a military base. On the other hand they try to liquidate the revolutionary forces whom are fighting for tens of years for independence, democracy and socialism, at the front of the prisions. This annihilation attempt is called F-type prisons.

This prison system that is based on total isolation is a war which was opened against the revolutionaries´ rights of thoughts, organizing and resisting. This was answered by the revolutionary prisoners with a death fast in order to protect their political dignity. On the 60th day of the death fast, on 19th of December 2000, the fascist state forces have committed a massacre in which 28 prisoners died and hundreds were injured. They deported the revolutionary prisoners into the F-type prisons who were still under construction.

While each kind of oppression, torture, lie and maneuver continues the restistance which almost reaches its 300th day has been continuing both inside and outside by 280 political prisoners, prisoner´s families and conditionally released prisoners of the DHKP-C. The recent balance of the resistance are 60 martyrs and 100 living deaths who were mainly caused by forced medical intervention.

We call upon all parties, organisations, magazines and people to support the following main demands of the revolutionary prisoners:

1) Immediate and unconditionally end of isolation
2) Immediate end of forced medical intervention
3) Immediate and direct negotiations between the representations of the organisations who were selected by the prisoners and the governmental bodies

1. ALO, Afghanistan Liberation Organisation
2. BAYAN International, New Patriotic Alliance of the Philippines, Europe
3. Block for People´s Power, Mexico
4. Communitarism and Independence, Sardinia
5. Confederation of Sard Communists
6. D17, Direction 17, Italy
7. DHKC, Revolutionary People´s Liberation Front, Turkey
8. European Movement for a Tribunal against NATO, Germany
9. FEUV, Federation of University Students of Venezuela
10. GUPS, General Union of Palestinian Students, Austria
11. IDP, Popular Democratic Left, Mexico
12. ILC, International Leninist Current
13. Loyalty to Men and Earth, Movement of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
14. MIGRANTE, Organisation of Philippine Immigrants in Europe, the US and Japan
15. Molon, Movement for the Liberation of Nigeria
16. PCMLE, Communist Party Marxist Leninist, Ecuador
17. PFLP, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Friends in Europe
18. Red Action, Duisburg, Germany
19. RKL, Revolutionary Communist League, Austria
20. RKL-T, Revolutionary Communist League Thuringia, Germany
21. Russian Maoist Party
22. Senideak, Association of support to the Basque political prisoners
23. Support Group “Colombia never again”, Switzerland
24. Youth and Human Settlement Development Network, Senegal