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Solidarity message from Sierra Leone to the Anti-imperialist Camp 2001

12. August 2001

by Sierra Leone People`s Democratic League

Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League

Message by Comrade Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh, Chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League (PDL)

Distinguished Comrades, Brothers and Friends,

Before delivering our message, I would first and foremost like to thank Comrades of the Anti-imperialist Camp for inviting our Movement, the Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League (PDL) to this year´s meeting of the Anti-imperialist Camp here in Assisi, Italy. It is a great opportunity for us to be here because here we will be able to discuss the situation in our country, Sierra Leone and through that you will know everything about the whole truth surrounding the situation in our beloved country.

Truly, it is an oppurtunity for us to exchange views and ideas on our common plight as victims of imperialism, zionism, New World Order and now the obnoxious Globalisation.

As I look round this gathering, I am happy to note the presence of progressive comrades from all over the world. I am happy particularly to see the presence of our revolutionary Comrades from Colombia whose cause has not been heard in Africa, except that, the imperialists and their lackeys have painted them to Africa as mere bandits and “narcotic drug peddlers”. Please Comrades permit me to say welcome to the members of the Colombian Resistance Movement.

I am from Sierra Leone and representing today the Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League (PDL), an umbrella Organisation representing the majority masses of the African people in Sierra Leone.

Comrades, the Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League (PDL) was established in April 1986 in Freetown with a manifested mandate to rid the length and breadth of Sierra Leone of all vestiges of colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and all those other negative forces that oppress and enslave mankind.

Since our existence, we have waged many protracted struggles against the reactionary forces in our country, Sierra Leone and I am pleased to confess here that we will continue the struggle until our goal is achieved, uncompromisingly. Our immediate objective therefore, is to form the next government of Sierra Leone so that we can manage the resources of our country to liberate our people, and to contribute meaningfully to liberation of the oppressed mankind.

Comrades, as you all know, we came from a country which is being devastated by colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and their domestic lackeys. The ongoing war in our country has no clear vision or mission as to what the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) is fighting for, or want to achieve. This makes it difficult for the Front to win the battle because the masses of the African people in Sierra Leone are ignorant of the reasons why the RUF is fighting even though the country is one of the worst places to live on this earth. To us in the PDL, we see the activities of the RUF as a betrayal, counter-revolutionary and anti-people.

Comrades, we know you have been watching on world televisions the horrendous war crimes and genocide meted on our people in Sierra Leone by domestic reactionary groups and foreign criminal adventurers led by the governments of the Britain, the United States and the Zionist state of Israel. These crimes you are told are being committed by the RUF alone. We wish to take this opportunity to differ your opinion and to correct the insinuations, falsehood and intimidations associated with these crimes.

Sierra Leone is a small country located in West Africa, with a population of four million people. The country shares borders with the Republic of Liberia und Guinea. It was brutally colonised by Britain who plundered and pillaged the country´s resources for 175 years with impunity. The Union Jack (the colonial flag) was replaced by the current horizontal green, white and blue colours of the national flag, in 1961.

But this change of Flag has taken the country to no where, only to the current path of mayhem and destruction. The so-called independence is bogus.

Comrades, the ongoing violence in Sierra Leone has its roots cause since 1991 when Foday Sankoh of the RUF decided to enter the bush ostensibly to liberate our people from the clutches of colonialism, neo-colonialism, poverty, rude tribalism and general decadence. The past ten years of violence in the country has inflicted a great many loss on ordinary African in Sierra Leone who is marginalised, disenfranchised and dehumanised.

We want to say here that the genocide meted on our people in the last decade are being committed by all forces on the ground including the governments of the United States, Britain and their puppets in the region.

Take for example, the British government initiated the recruitment and deployment of notorious mercenaries, incluiding the South African based Executive Outcomes, the Ghurkas in Nepal, Sandline International and Branch Executives in London. And the activities of these mercenaries in Sierra Leone are being supervised by British diplomats in the region.

Comrade, to add insult into injury, the World Bank, IMF and London Club have arrogantly take sides in Sierra Leonean conflict with the sole aim of making money and to maintain the corrupt, ineffectual and decadent system or status quo. These financial institutions unabashedly approved loans worth tens of millions of Dollars to maintain the foreign mercenaries whose mission is to kill and destroy our people, because they are paid for that.

No doubt Comrades, brothers and friends, the current political establishment in Sierra Leone is a product of imperio-zionist forces, foisted on our people. The so-called government of Sierra Leone, led by one time United Nations “errand boy”, Mr. Tejan Kabbah is illegal, anti-people, criminal and saddistic.

Comrades, we hold the RUF, the Government of Tejan Kabbah in Freetown, the United Nations, Commonwealth, World Bank, IMF and the London Club responsible for the genocide in Sierra Leone. There are also other foreign Institutions we will indict.

Comrades, brothers and friends, we cannot discuss the situation in Sierra Leone without mentioning the plight of our neighbours in Liberia and Guinea. We will first comment on Liberia which is currently ruled by a club of shameless, destructive and money laundering bourgeois. President Charles Ghankay Taylor fought a war he claimed to liberate the Liberian people. But, after his elections and inauguration as President of Liberia, Mr. Charles Taylor turn against the Liberian people he supposed to serve and imposed himself demi-God over everybody. He has made himself Mobutu of Liberia. Comrades, Liberia needs you.

The same can be said of neighbouring Guinea, which is also on the verge of destruction by a group of avaracious power hungry men and women.

On the international front, we wish to thank and commend the Anti-imperialist Camp for the recent mass mobilisation in Genoa against the obnoxious globalisation. That rebellion was a devastating blow to the architects of the obnoxious system, who want to imprison the oppressed world deeper into poverty. It has also prick the conscience of the masses of the world that no more compromise with the oppressors.

Comrades, the situation in Iraq and Palestine is quiet dirsturbing to any sane thinking person. Here also we wish to comment the Anti-imperialist Camp and the International Leninist Centre for their anti-zionist stands and solidarity with the people of Iraq and Palestine. The imperialists know that lifting the embargo on Iraq means the final liberation of Plaestine. So, everything is being done by nursing mothers of imperialism to maintain the cruel and unjust embargo against the people of Iraq. This is one of the biggest challenge we face comrades, and we propose that this gathering discuss the matter seriously and make resolutions which should be followed by actions.

How long can we be watching the butchering of women, children and old people in Palestine by Israeli war machines supplied by the imperialist forces? How long can we be watching the mass billings of women, children and old people in Iraq as a result the unjust and obnoxious embargo? The time has to say enough is enough!

If the rebellion in Genoa can unleashed devastating blows on the faces of our oppressors, why not we plan similar rebellion worldwide against the embargo on Iraq and for the independence of Palestine? Zionism is a heinous crime against humanity which must be smashed if we are to live as dignified people. Because the aim of zionism is to dehumanise us in Iraq and Palestine.

Comrades, brothers and friends, for us in Africa, we are planning to organise an African symposium on Iraq, come January 17-19, 2002. We will invite you all to come and share with your Comrades in Africa the good vision we have in common for the people of Iraq.

Our Comrades in Colombia also need our support. I want to assure them of our readiness to accelerate their struggle in their country.

But Comrades, one important issue we need to adress seriously if we are to continue our struggle to its logical conclusion. The issue is how we can finance our activitier, because for every decision we take finance will be needed to put that decision into action.

We propose first and foremost that the Anti-imperialist Camp be changed to World-Wide Anti-imperialist Camp, which will act as the parent Body and umbrella for all anti-imperialist forces across the globe. I believe such a world organ of anti-imperialist forces will dtermine our activities.

As for the finance, we have to use our countries resources to liberate ourselves.

Comrades, brothers and friends, I do not want to take all your time, before our departure our delegation will disseminate some of our Movement´s literature to enable you to assess the situation we face in Sierra Leone.

Once again, I wish on behalf of the Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League (PDL) to thank Comrades of the Anti-imperialist Camp. May God Almighty bless us all and take us back to our countries safe.

Down with imperialism!
Down with neo-colonialism!
Down with racist-Zionism!
Up Intifada!

Thank you all.