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African Symposium on Iraq (A. S. I.)

9. September 2001

from January 16 -20, 2002


The African Symposium on Iraq ( A.S.I.), a non- religious, humanitarian Organization presents its compliments and has the honor to inform you that will be an All-African Support Conference to discuss the appalling humanitarian situation in Iraq, and to map- out strategies aimed at ending the sufferings and hardships meted on the Iraq people as a result of the United Nations embargo. The conference would be held at the Conference hall of 2 February hotel in Lome, Togo – West Africa, starting from 17- 19 January, 2002.

The African Symposium on Iraq (A.S.I.) therefore, wishes to invite you to participate in this unique and important gathering of Africans on the continent, the Diaspora and peace-loving peoples of the world. The agenda of the conference includes the following topics :

1. Eleven years of cruelty on the people of Iraq.
2. Embargo on Iraq constitute heinous crime against humanity .
3. Western no fly zone in Northern and Southern Iraq is foreign aggression, and gross violation of United Nations Resolutions and Charter.
4. Using poisonous bombs and Depleted Uranium against the Iraqi people, and effect on the environment.
5. Stop the illegal occupation and violent aggression on Arab lands and territories.
6. The role of Africa in ending the holocaust tragedy in Iraq.

While we do hope to receive your positive response to the invitation, you are requested to inform us of your intention to attend and to submit a paper on any of the above topics, which should be sent to us before end of November,2001. Also be informed that the African Symposium on Iraq (A.S.I.) will bear the cost of accommodation, feeding and transport within Lomà© capital.

We avail ourselves of the opportunity to assure you of our highest considerations.

Best regards
Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
Coordinator of programme , African Symposium on Iraq.
Please find below the preliminary programme of events of the Conference.
The programme is subject to changes and will be published in its definite version as well as completed by the list of speakers and participating Organizations, Parties, Movements and Individuals by December 17, 2001.


16th. January, 2002.

Reception and Registration of participants at Mercure Sarakawa Hotel in Lome.

DAY ONE – 17th. January, 2002.


i. Opening Remarks
ii. Welcome Address
iii. Keynote Address
iv. Vote of Thanks
v. 1st Presentation
vi. TEA Break.
vii. 2nd Presentation
viii. Lunch Break.
ix. 3rd. Presentation
x. Tea Break
xi. 4th. Presentation
xii. Closing Remarks.
xiii. Dinner / Entertainment

DAY TWO – 18TH January, 2002
i.5TH Presentation
ii. Tea Break.
iv. Lunch Break
v. 7Th. Presentation
vi. Tea Break
vii. Announcement of winners in Essay competition.
viii. Closing Remarks.
ix. Dinner / Entertainment.

DAY THREE- 19th. January, 2002
i. 8TH .Presentation
ii. Tea Break
iii. Press Conference
iv. Lunch / Visit
v. Plenary Session
vi. Enactment of Conference Resolution
vii. Closing Remarks and Vote of Thanks.
viii. Closing Official Ceremonies ( Venue: Hotel Mercure Sarakawa)/
ix. Reception and Cultural Entertainment

20th. January, 2002—– Departure.

African Symposium on Iraq (A. S. I.)
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