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9. February 2002

International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic (ICDSM)

International Meeting in Amsterdam,
February 11, 2002

On February 12, the ICTY will start the so-called trial against President Slobodan Milosevic. This takes place after many years during which President Milosevic and the Serbian people have been demonized on a scale of magnitude and intensity never seen before.

After being kidnapped by NATO, with the support of the present Yugoslav government, President Milosevic has been subjected to humiliation and violations of human rights. In particular, he has been denied the right to meet and communicate with advisors of his choice including attorneys who are legally challenging his kidnapping. He has been forbidden the basic right to communicate with the press although the so-called prosecution routinely spreads lies about him through the mass media.

President Milosevic has become the archtypical political prisoner of the New World Order.

Why can`t President Milosevic speak to the media and communicate with the outside world? Because NATO-leaders and the functionaries of the puppet Tribunal are afraid of this leader whom they have caged, and the vast forces he inspires and represents.

On the one hand NATO needs this trial to justify their aggression against Yugoslavia, to intimidate other leaders and ordinary people from defending national sovereignty and social justice, and to convict the Serbian people for the wars in Yugoslavia. Then they can impose billions in phony war reparations, crushing the Serbian people under an impossible debt.

But on the other hand, NATO fears Milosevic. He is not playing his prescribed role, accepting a guilt he does not own and pleading for mercy. Instead he tells the truth: that NATO used Ustashe, Islamist and Albanian terrorists – the same people Hitler used in World War II – to attack Yugoslavia so they could subjugate the Balkans.

Milosevic`s marvellous dignity, his refusal to be an obedient slave, and his honest words are NATO`s nightmare.

The International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic (ICDSM), composed of thousands of persons from all over the world, aims to inform public opinion about the real events surrounding the breakup Yugoslavia and the nature of the puppet Hague `Tribunal.`

To this end, the ICDSM calls a meeting, Monday, February 11, in Amsterdam Location: Krasnapolski, St Johnsrooml II, Dam 9, Amsterdam

Time: 20.00 hours – 22.00 hours
Entrance 3.00 euro

With participation of:
* Jaime Ballesteros, OSPAAAL, Spain
* Prof. Dr. Aldo Bernardini, professor of international law, Italy
* Christopher Black, attorney, Canada
* Jared Israel, Editor, The Emperor`s New Clothes, USA
* Vladimir Krsljanin, international secretary SPS, Yugoslavia
* Nico Steijnen, attorney, The Netherlands
* Jacques Verges, attorney, France
* Nico Varkevisser, editor in chief of TARGETS monthly paper
* Tiphaine Dickson, attorney, Canada

The language of the meeting will be English

`By adding three lies, one does not get the truth – only a bigger lie`
– Slobodan Milosevic, January 30, 2002

International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic

Contact in The Netherlands:

Sloterkade 20 – 1058 HE Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Ph. ++ 31 20 615 1122 – Fax: ++ 31 20 615 1120


You may support the work of the ICDSM with a contribution by credit card by calling in Amsterdam 31 20 6151122 or in the U.S. 1 617 916-1705

Or mail a check to:
831 Beacon St., #295
Newton Centre, MA 02459 (USA)