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Stop the war mongering against Iraq!

11. February 2002

Call for an anti-imperialist solidarity delegation

In their so-called “war on terror” the US has declared all forces opposing their global dictatorship as enemies due to be smashed, crushed and routed out by military violence regardless of whether they might be states, popular movements or political organisations.

Iraq and its people is one of those forces mounting tenacious resistance against the tyrannous US world order which has been erected by the war of the “Holy Alliance” against it in 1991. This war and the ongoing aggression by steady aerial attacks and the vicious embargo – which have led to more than two million deaths and have forced a formerly rich nation into abject misery and starvation – is the very evidence of the terrorist character of this “New World Order”. It does not even shrink back from outright genocide in order to preserve the global hegemony of a handful of rich countries against billions of poor .

Under the guise of impeding the proliferation of arms of mass destruction, the biggest military power of mankind, which is equipped to the teeth with sophisticated nuclear, chemical and biological arms of mass destructing and has even proven its readiness to apply it in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and many other places, is threatening once again Iraq and its people with war.

All democratic, popular and anti-imperialist forces of the world have to urgently step up a campaign to defend Iraq against this forthcoming aggression in order to avoid mass destruction and an even increased genocide. Especially we call upon the anti-globalisation movement not to stay neutral but to side with the Iraqi people under siege. Globalisation can only be vanquished by defeating imperialism and by joining hands with all those resisting imperialism by social, cultural, political or military means.

In this sense we call for an international solidarity delegation to leave for Iraq from March 24 to March 29. The delegation will be visiting hospital, schools, universities and popular quarters in Baghdad and Basra as well as sites of Anglo-American attacks in 1991 and onwards (including areas polluted by uranium ammunition). We will not only meet representatives of the authorities such as the foreign and health ministers but also popular committees as well as students and women´s organisations.

Though the US might well decide to enlarge their endless list of war crimes, a fresh military aggression against Iraq will doubtlessly rock their presumed omnipotence whose myth of invulnerability has been destroyed by the attacks of September 11 and could not be restored. Not only important countries will oppose this monopoly of power and thus challenge the mono-polar world order, but mass movements in the Arab and Islamic world as well as in the West will and must string up.

It is not by accident that the “democratic West” is curbing the most elementary democratic rights also in their own hinterland. They are afraid of the ever growing hatred of the wretched of we world which is about to grow to a storm and inevitably will evoke an echo in new anti-imperialist movements in the West. Through their “war on terror” they are trying to smash any resistance from the very beginning, but they will not pass!

Stop the military aggression against Iraq!
Lift the genocidal embargo!
US troops out of the Persian gulf and the Arab peninsula!
For the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people!
Down with the “war on terror”!

Anti-imperialist Camp
February 2002