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Milosevic scored 1:0 against NATO in the Hague

25. February 2002

Statement by the Anti-imperialist Camp

The corporate media does not know how to cope with Milosevic´s accuse against NATO. In order to avoid a collapse of the amalgam of lies, which have been proven to be fakes by the ex president´s arguments, these very same lies are being once again inflated and endlessly repeated, for example:

The picture from Trnopolje, which suggests a Serbian concentration camp by showing an emaciated man behind a barbwire is displayed again and again on all the TV screens of the world – despite the fact that the photograph was taken from inside the fence. A fact which actually should be known to the journalists.

The alleged massacre of Racak, which was used as the pretext to legitimate the NATO attack, has been refuted by both Dr. Helena Ranta, head of the forensic commission of OSCE, as well as of the German General Heinz Loquai of the OSCE monitoring mission in Kosovo. They proved the event to be a skirmish between UCK and Yugoslav troops.

Milosevic continues to be presented as a bloodthirsty monster to whose arguments one should not listen (arguments which are often distorted or not even reported).

Even if the front of the corporate media remains firm, however, in front of all those who retain a trace of critical thinking Milosevic succeeded in defying NATO´s attempt to grant itself absolution by a political inquisition process. He was even able to put forward heavy charges against NATO:

…· The tribunal is illegitimate as it was set up by the aggressor states and furthermore violates the UN statutes. The criminals pose as judges.
…· The secessions instigated by the West under the guise of the right to “self-determination” has led and was intended to lead towards a civil war as the Yugoslav nationalities used to live completely intermingled.
…· The Serb had been denied the very same right to self-determination in Croatia and Bosnia.
…· Yugoslavia was the only conceivable peaceful co-existence and self-determination of the different nationalities.
…· The manifold aggression against Yugoslavia served the geo-strategic interest of the West. Whoever dares to defy the tyranny of the “New World Order” and to insist on sovereignty and self-determination ought to be crushed by all means.

In the Hague the entire Yugoslav and Serb people are being accused of resistance against neo-colonialism. In defying these lies Milosevic proved to be a steadfast advocate of his people restoring historic truth about the Western imperialist aggression.

However, we will not forget his grave political mistakes during his ten years defence against the aggression. Unfortunately, he simply repeated these mistakes in his defence: While Yugoslavia could have easily crushed the pro-imperialist forces in Bosnia and Croatia he chose to compromise with imperialism in Dayton in 1995 betraying the democratic and anti-fascist uprising of the local Serbs. Now he is lamenting that imperialism is not rewarding this sell-out. He opportunistically equated the Serbian struggle against pro-imperialist Albanian secessionism with the US war on “terror” while everybody knows that NATO´s attack on Yugoslavia was an integral part of this very war, which is nothing else than the US´ attempt to retain global hegemony by brute military force. With no single word he asked his people for excuse for the widespread corruption (the fact that under Djindjic-Kostunica corruption has been growing to an unprecedented extent does not alter this necessity) while he defended his wife and son who are regarded as the worst examples of the red mafia. And last but not least he did not mention the revolutionary traditions of Yugoslavia embodied by the Partisan movement.

Disband the political inquisition of the Hague!
Free Slobodan Milosevic and all other political prisoners!
Put NATO to popular trial!

The Anti-imperialist Camp
February 24, 2002