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I am a Puerto Rican

4. April 2002

by Doris Torres

I am Puerto Rican, born and raised in NYC.
I am against the U.S. Navy bombing in Vieques, Puerto Rico
and regard that to be the act of a bully against a tiny island,
that cannot defend itself.

I am against the United States sending billions a year
to Israel, so that Israel can commit genocide against
the Palestinian men, women and children.

I am against the previous policies of the U.S.
in countries such as Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala.
There are mass graves in those countries,
in Nuestra America, whose assasins were trained
in the School of The Assasins, located in Fort Bennington,Georgia.

I do not agree with the policy of giving millions to
the Paramilitares in Colombia, whose principal objective
is to kill as many Colombians peasents as possible,
because the peasent, quite understandably side with the FARC.
The FARC has provided services to the poor of Colombia,
when no one else has.

FARC has built schools, provided education,
medical assistence, to the forgotten people of Colombia,
that live mostly in rural areas.

I am appalled that billions of human beings live
in misery, on a dollar a day or less,
regardless of how hard they work to feed their
families, while others live very well indeed from the
sweat of the brows, of those men, women and children,
working in sweatshops making good for the consumer.

I am against the U.S. imposed, cruel and inhumane
embargo against Cuba.

Cuba poses a military threat to no one,
but Cuba does pose a threat to the interest of
the capitalist, because Cuba shows how even a country
that has been targeted, assaulted by a superpower,
can provide an adequate level of medical, educational
care for its people.

Cuba, under Fidel Castro, puts people and their needs,
ahead of the capitalist and their needs.

In NYC, one of the richest cities,
human beings can found sleeping on the streets,
exposed to the elements, with no shelter.