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Palestinian and Turkish Partisans express Solidarity with Colombian Rebels

15. April 2002


“Let us unite to express our thirst for justice!” – In a joint declaration released by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Turkish revolutionary organization Revolutionary People`s Liberation Front (DHKC) these two organizations link their struggles to the Colombian rebel army FARC.


(By PFLP/DHKC) Following September 11, the USA has declared war on the entire world. It has compelled all countries, all organisations to prostrate themselves before it, saying that “those who are not with us are against us”. The USA is trying to build a world empire. It is trying to sell this world domination by America as “the New World Order” or “globalisation”.. This domination is in fact domination by the major monopolies which condemn the people to hunger and poverty.

To attain its ends, America counts on the firepower of its missiles and on its dollars, and has recourse to threats and demagogy. After three countries were ostracised as “the axis of evil”, our organisations were designated by the CIA as “targets which the USA aims at after the Al-Qaida network”. From this, we would like to ask two questions.

Firstly: Why us?
Secondly: Is it only us?

Our being described as “targets” is certainly not an accident. The reality of Colombia, Palestine and Turkey explains why we are in their gun sights. Our peoples have been abandoned to hunger, poverty and unemployment. Our peoples have been exposed to the tyranny of dictatorships. Our countries have been occupied by people like Sharon. Our countries are under the sway of the IMF and the World Bank. Our countries` mineral and agricultural resources are being plundered. We are fighting on the side of the oppressed of the world.

We refuse to be obedient peoples who are passed over in silence, while dwelling in colonised countries. We reject the pro-American world order. We only desire that the peoples be freed from poverty and live in prosperity. We want to live in countries where there would be liberty and justice, freed from the domination of the Ariel Sharons and the American monopolies. In short, we want the independence of our countries and freedom for our peoples.


These are the indisputable reasons for our being ostracised. But the USA, the CIA and their demagogy of terrorism aim to obscure the truth. Here are the reasons cited by the CIA. They repay close examination: “These groups have not yet carried out attacks on US civilians or US interests abroad.”(Washington Post, February 10, 2002) But they might do. “Then let`s exterminate them!” Isn`t that what they aim to do? The “reasons” cited for each organisation are equally valueless.

In relation to FARC, the CIA says the following: “FARC constitutes a danger for US interests in Latin America because they link the government they are fighting against with the USA.” The DHKP-C is also a target,and you know why? Because according to the director of the CIA George Tenet: “This group has openly and in the public domain criticised US operations and those operations we have carried out in Afghanistan.”

As for the motives for naming the PFLP, Islamic Jihad and Hamas as targets. “If these groups feel the USA threatens their existence, they could see the USA as a target.” The motivation cited by the CIA reveals the type of mentality they have. The USA wants nobody to oppose their domination, nobody to aspire to independence and justice, nobody to fight against the corrupt governments they support. In the name of civilisation, peace and human rights, the USA is bombing other countries and forcing us to live under the occupation of Sharon and people like him and to put up with our peoples being hungry, massacred and plundered. In this repressive policy, is there the least trace of legality and justice?

The Americans are not motivated to act by terrorism, violence or whatever. For them, there are just two criteria: not infringing on their interests and not opposing their domination. Citing these two criteria also helps us to answer the second question: for the present, only five organisations have been cited as targets, but tomorrow this list will swell to encompass all those who oppose the USA.


Violence is created and encouraged by the USA which nurtures all the Sharons who exist around the world, encourages them and supports them, economically, politically and militarily. For the sake of the monopolies, the USA bombards countries, condemns 1.2 billion people to hunger and keeps 4 billion people impoverished. It is not ourselves but the CIA which supports juntas, launches invasions, foments conspiracies and carries out coups d`à©tat. It is not us but the CIA which gives instruction in torture methods and orders massacres to be carried out.

It is not a secret nor is it unknown that they have done this. So do those who oppress the people and make them hungry have the right to complain when the peoples of the world engage in rebellion, anger and violence?

The only thing which will put an end to war, rebellion and the anger of the peoples is a just world. In a world without hunger and misery, without military occupation and colonialism, without torture and massacres, without fascist regimes, where nations could enjoy self-determination, where chemical, nuclear and biological weapons no longer exist, and where the fundamental needs of the peoples such as food, health, accommodation and education would be the key aim of government….There would be no reason for violence.

We demand justice. But since our world is not like the scenario described by us above, we are compelled to organise, resist and fight the invaders, tyrants and colonisers. We fight those who take away the bread of the peoples and rule unjustly.


We appeal to all forces opposed to hunger, poverty, massacres, fascist dictatorships and invaders, to all those who want bread and justice, to take sides with those who are fighting. We appeal for mobilisation against “American interests”. We call for open criticism and condemnation of the American policy of educating and supporting tyrants, and destroying everything in its path to make things easier for the monopolies. In order to bar the path of US aggression, to destroy their threats and “proscribed lists” aimed at various countries and organisations, we call on all the oppressed, socialists, patriots, progressives, anti-imperialists, opponents of America, whether individuals, institutions or organisations, to shout out with one united voice.

Today, even institutions tied to imperialism recognise the reality of an unjust world divided in two, with on one side hunger, thirst and poverty, and on the other, the arrogant opulence of the monopolies. We call on everyone to view the world and our countries in the truest light: we affirm in the light of historic and scientific data that a world free of the domination of US imperialism would be a more just world. Let us unite for a just world!

Let us take a stand against the USA which wants to make all the countries, peoples and people`s organisations surrender, and let us unite to express our thirst for justice!

March 30, 2002