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Maoist leaders in Nepal arrested

16. April 2002

Government forces of Nepal arrested the leader of Maoist in Nepal. Rekha Sharma, President of All Nepal Women`s Association (Revolutionary) and member of Central People`s Government is arrested. She was arrested from Chahabil area of Capital city Kathmandu.

And from the same area another leader Krishna Dhoj Khadka was also arrested. He was the former Chairman of All Nepal National Free Student Union (Revolutionary).
Before also Central Committee member of Maoist Rabindra Shrestha was arrested from capital who is not made public after the 4 month also. In the emergency period the government has killed the Ajavlal yadav, and Khop Bahadur Kandel two leaders of Maoist. They were killed after arresting. After the emergency by government the terror of government in increasing. At the period of emergency also maoist Guerrillas has defeated the governmental forces. in the various parts. But the government is increasing terror by killing the public in fake encounter. After emergency government has killed more than 1500 publics, 500 Maoists. Similarly more than 350 governmental forces died in an encounter with Maoists. Thousands are being made missing from the government.
So, it is being necessary to make the voice for protecting the lifes of Maoist leader, cadre and public also. At present also everyone from different parts should give warning to make public for Rekha Sharma, Krishnadhoj Khadka and others.