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EU bans Turkey´s exiled democratic opposition

17. May 2002

by the Anti-imperialist Camp

Since the 3rd of May, the DHKC-P and the PKK are to be found on the “terror list” of the European Union, raising up to 23 the number of declared illegal and terrorist organisations, bank accounts frozen and all legal activities stopped.
How ironic that the EU, claiming to be the guardian of democracy, is putting out of law two organisations that are fighting for basic human rights, in a country where there is no freedom of press, but oppression of minorities and a political life dominated by military power. This is clearly an attempt to curb basic democratic rights in Europe while offering a diplomatic “gift” to Turkey´s oligarchy. As a general line of EU foreign policy, dictatorships and state terrorism like that of Israel is supported, but popular resistance against the latter is being repressed. The hypocrisy of the democratic claims is being revealed by the fact that Turkey is an important partner of the USA, and a NATO member, regardless of the fact that it oppresses its own people.

The DHKC-P is fighting to obtain human conditions in the Turkish prisons for some 12.000 political inmates, while the PKK was fighting for the right of self-determination and at least, recognition of the Kurdish people, oppressed by the Turkish imperialist regime (but four years ago even ceased the military struggle).
The prohibition of those two organisations is part of the criminilazing process against all the popular democratic forces, re-activated by the US after the events of September 11, and followed by the EU. Fighting democratic organisations are forces into clandestinity, or even shattered.
Turkey is a pro-imperialist repressive state, and DHKC-P´s and PKK´s struggles are legitimate struggles, to be supported by anti-imperialist and democratic forces.

Lift the ban against the popular democratic forces in Turkey and Kurdistan!
Restore elementary democratic rights in Europe threatened by the “war on terror”!

The Anti-imperialist Camp
May 17, 2002