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30. May 2002

Statement of the secretariat of RCWP-RPC

Statement of the secretariat of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers` Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists

“Fascism begins with anti-Communism” – these words were recently spoken from the tribune of the State Duma by a Nobel prize winner Jores Alfeorov. Academician and deputy warned people about dangerous appearance of signs of brown policies in the actions of progovernmental factions, that had come up with anti-Communist hysteria in the Russian parliament. Today we are faced with the implementation of these signs in the political practice of the organs of the Russian state.
On the 16th of May the ministry of Justice refused in state registration of the political party: the Russian Communist Workers` Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists (RCWP-RPC).
This ministry`s officials were frightened by the point in the Set of Party Rules (the Party Constitution), saying, that the main goal of the RCWP-RPC is the formation of the public opinion in the spirit of the teaching of scientific Communism, that is the necessity of revolutionary (in the sense of basic) transformation of society…—the establishment of dominance of the social ownership on means of production to provide for all human beings a basis to realise their full potentialities and capabilities to the full and to enjoy welfare.
The free development of all well-beings did not suit the guardians of Law, and they found, that the revolutionary party pursues goals directed at violent change of foundations of the Constitutional system and violation of territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.
“Creation of such parties is forbidden by Law” – mettlesome officials say and refer to the dictionaries, where the word of Revolution is interpreted only as a violent takeover.
The explanation, that the word of Revolution means a basic change, a quolitative leap to a more progressive social system, – does not suit the Ministry of Justice officials. In their zeal to serve to the propertied classes they are ready to declare even the scientific and technical revolution as an anti-constitutional process.
Thus once again a well-known truth is proved, that the borgeois Law is the will of the propertied class, raised to a power of a Law. Above all are the guarantees of the rights of owners.
Our party was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the RF more than 10 years ago and since then has been acting in accordance with the Party Constitution and Party Program, which in their main principles are identical to those presented to the Ministry of Justice. As the result of elections to the State Duma in 1995 and 1999 our party was supported by millions of people. The RCWP-RPC is the main political force among non-parliamentary opposition.
The RCWP-RPC Central Committee states, that the Ministry of Justice is getting used of the new procedure of reregistration as it is in the new law on political parties for cleansing of the left flank, for a forceful expulsion of a real Communist opposition from any public politics.
This is an open emergence of fascism. It is usually followed by the ban on the very Communist ideology and fire-places of books of scientific Communism founders. It has already happened in history, the end of such banners and firetakers is known as well.
The Central Committee of the RCWP-RPC states, that the party will not give up its goals and will go on fighting for the cause of the working people against coming fascism. We shall not hasitate on the way we have chosen!

Co-chairmen of RCWP-RPC
V. Tiulkin
A. Kriuchkov

Secretaries of the CC of the RCWP-RPC
P. Yachmeneov
N. Glagoleva

16 May 2002