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Supporters of the Anti-imperialist Camp 2002

2. June 2002

List continuously updated


Peoples Democratic League, Sierra Leone
ATTAC Maroc – Taroudant Groupe, Morocco
Alwihda, Tchad


CSVI, Indonesia
PRD, Indonesia
Citizen Concern Society, Nepal
Pakistan Communist Workers Peasant`s Party
Journalists Resource Centre of Pakistan
Bayan, Philippines
Bayan-International USA
Bayan-International Europe


Communists of Euskal Herria, Basque Country
Revolutionary Communist Group, Britain
Red Action, Germany
Aktionskreis 24. März, Germany
Revolutionary Communist League, Thüringen, Germany
Palestinian Community – Germany
Anti-NATO Group, Berlin, Germany
Mothers against War, Germany
Alliance for Solidarity with Palestine, Hamburg, Germany
Red Community Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Nueva Colombia-Alternative Informationen, Germany
Prison Watch International – Vienna, Austria
Revolutionary Communist League, Austria
BsB – Movement for Social Liberation, Austria
UJAP – Union of Young Progressive Arabs, Belgium
Left Front, Hungary
IRSP – Irish Republican Socialist Party
Direzione 17, Italy
Comunardi, Sardinia, Italy
Confederation of Sardinian Communists, Sardinia, Italy
Group “Comunitarianism and Independence”, Sardinia, Italy
Gruppo Zastava, Triest, Italy
Terra e Liberazione (Land and Liberation), Sicily, Italy
SLAI Provinciale, Naples, Italy
Movement for Popular Unity, Basilicata, Italy
Umbria Rossa, Italy
Movement for the Confederation of Communists, Tuscany, Italy
Popular Democracy, Italy
Circolo di Identità  Proletaria, Trento, Italy
Avamposto degli Incompatibili, Lazio, Italy
LUPO, Osimo, Ancona, Italy
International Association, Rome, Italy
Socialism and Liberation, Italy
Kurdistan Azada, Italy
Russian Communist Workers Party – Russian Party of Communists
Russian Maoist Party, Russia
New Left Party, Russia
Russian Political Union “Worker”
Urals Trade Union Centre, Russia
Workers Trade Union “ZZZ”, Russia
Neue PdA Basel, Switzerland
Revolutionary Anti-imperialist Front of Ukraine
SKJ Subotica, Yugoslavia
Centar Tito, Yugoslavia

Latin America

APDH, Permanent Association for Human Rights, Ecuador
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Argentina
Democratic Popular Left, Mexico
CLAJADEP, Latin American Co-ordination of Lawyers, Social Scientists and Marginalized Groups for a Democratic and Popular Alternative, Brasil
Campaign against Impunity – Colombia claims Justice
Red Palante, Colombia
CEDDH, Students Co-ordination for Democracy and Human Rights, Peru
CLETA, Free Centre for Theater and Artistic Experimentation, Mexico
CORREPI, Co-ordination Group against Police and Institutional Repression, Argentina
Patriotic Movement Manuel Rodriguez, Chile
Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Party Chile
FEUV – Federation of Venezuelan University Students

Middle East

PFLP – Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Abna el Balad, Israel/Palestine
Palestinian People`s Party
Loyalty to Men and Earth, Lebanon
DHKC, Turkey
Kurdish Information Office Austria, Turkey


International Action Center, USA
Communist Party, United States of America`s Frederick Douglass Club
International League of Peoples` Struggle (ILPS-US)
Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines (NISPOP), New York City, USA

Individual Supporters

Prof. Blagovesta Doncheva, Bulgaria
General Mirkovic, Yugoslavia
Mohamed Regragui, Morocco