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Again and again: Stop the Indo-Pak war drive!

19. June 2002

by the Anti-imperialist Camp

Either side is reactionary

Together with the anti-imperialist movement of the entire sub-continent we condemn the war frenzy which reached a new peak with the mutual menace of nuclear destruction. We call upon the popular masses to fight against the war and to strive for unification against both the reactionary ruling classes and their governments as well as their imperialist masters.

1) The Indian ruling class is speeding up its reactionary turn. The high caste government led by the Hindu chauvinist BJP of Vajpayee is systematically attacking all the remaining gains of the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist popular movement of India. Implementing the neo-liberal recipes it is massively curbing the most elementary democratic rights. Purging the remnants of secularism – a precondition of peaceful co-existence of the religious and national communities of India – it is instigating the social and religious chauvinism of the Hindu upper caste-class against the lower caste-classes of Muslims, Dalits and other minorities leading to out-right massacres as the recent one in Gujarat. Under the guise of the anti-terrorist crusade waged by the US the rulers are not only repressing the popular movements of the lower classes and the oppressed minorities but also try to strengthen their regional hegemony against Nepal and especially the Maoist guerrilla, against the Kashmiri people and also against Pakistan. At the same time they move closer and closer to US imperialism who tries to win them as a strategic ally against China as the main enemy of the future.

2) Once created, sustained and supported by imperialism as is main stronghold in the region in order to split the anti-colonial movement, to stop the communist advance and to weaken the Indo-Russian axis Pakistan now experienced its most severe crisis threatening its very existence. Using Islam to justify the partition and supporting the most reactionary and anti-communist elements of the Islamist movement in Afghanistan, Kashmir as well as in Pakistan itself this very movement has turned against the US and became the first target of the American global counter insurgency war. As the Indo-Russian axis is wooed by the US against China Pakistan finds itself again with the wrong friends. With the changed international conditions Pakistan is faced with the bankruptcy of all his historic choices and it fears to loose the indispensable US support. While bowing to the US who destroyed Pakistan´s puppet regime in Afghanistan it tries to preserve the unity of the fragmented nation and the military state with holding high the claim on Kashmir and therefore tension with India. But if this balancing act fails a popular rebellion of the impoverished masses, the oppressed minorities and the Islamic movement breaking up the state is possible. While we have to oppose the Indian expansionist appetite we have to support the popular masses against the reactionary state.

3) The Kashmiri demands for national self-determination are legitimate – both against India but also against Pakistan under the guise of its Muslim character. While supporting the Kashmiri´s national rights we have to fight the intervention of Pakistan and its proxy forces who unfortunately seem to have conquered the leadership of the resistance movement. Contrary to those forces who call for a unified and autonomous Kashmir in the frame of a democratic and federation of the entire sub-continent. We have to avoid at any cost that under the guise of the national self-determination of a small nation or nationality imperialism is setting up puppet regimes and military basis as happened in Kosovo and could be also the outcome in Chechnya.

4) While the US is trying to root out the Islamic movement and wants therefore to curb the Pakistan backed mujahedin in Kashmir it does not have any interest in strengthening India against Pakistan. They want to keep the balance of power of a fragmented sub-continent.

Stop the Indo-Pak war drive!
Anti-imperialist self-determination for Kashmir!
Down with Vajpayee and Musharraf!
The popular masses must unify in a democratic federation of the sub-continent!

Anti-imperialist Camp