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EU includes PFLP and FARC on list of “terrorist organisations”

27. June 2002

Violation of International Law and further step towards a police state

After having included Kurdish, Turkish and Basque resistance organisations on the list of alleged terrorist organisations, the EU completed a further step away from international law and the Geneva Convention. On June 12 and 17, it included other liberation movements on the same list, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Consequently, these organizations are threatened by being declared illegal and their activist and numerous political refugees in Europe have to fear severe persecution. Any democratic expression of opinion against the Western crusade against terrorism is potentially being criminalised as terrorist action and thus repressed.

In the name of the struggle against terrorism the peoples are being denied their fundamental rights and democracy is being deprived of its very meaning.

National self-determination and resistance against colonial oppression are not only basic democratic rights, they are also attested by international law. This includes the right to armed resistance struggle against occupation (see UN resolutions 3070, 3103, 3246, 3328, 3481, 2649, 31/91, 32/42 and 32/154).

Striving for real democracy would mean to put an end to the occupation of Palestine as well as to grant Kurds and Basques the right to hold referendums on self –determination. In Colombia, the people have been struggling for decades to achieve a land reform, which has been violently denied to them by the oligarchy, feudalists, drug dealers and military. The FARC demand peace through social justice, the US replies through the escalation of war instead of fulfilling the social demands of the poor. In Turkey, more than 10,000 political prisoners are struggling against torture and for the democratic right to freedom of speech. While power essentially lies in the hands of military, while the opposition is being violently repressed, Turkey is being conferred the title of a “democratic” country by the EU.
In defaming and persecuting those who legitimately resist oppression and exploitation, Europe supports the real terrorists and war criminals.

The recently adopted measures will severely affect not only the liberation movements in their respective countries, but also the fundamental democratic rights and freedom of speech in the European countries themselves. In fact, those rights are being restricted in almost all European countries.

We call upon all freedom loving people to stand up against these bans and against the construction of a European state of police.

Defend the fundamental democratic rights!
Right to self-determination of the oppressed peoples!
Resistance in favour of social justice against pro-western oligarchies is legitimate!

Prevent the banning of resistance organizations!
Solidarity with FARC, PKK, DHKC, HB, PFLP and all other liberation movements defamed as terrorist organizations!
Stop the Western war against terrorism!

The Anti-imperialist Camp