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Russia denies Communists official status

29. July 2002

On the 15th of May 2002 the Ministry of Justice refused to register according to the new law on political parties the Russian Communist Workers´ Party – the Revolutionary Party of Communists (RCWP-RPC).
As a pretext for the refusal they used the word “revolutionary” in the name of the party, in which the Ministry, referring to one of the dictionaries, found a call for a violent actions aimed to depose the constitutional system.
This is a blatant violation of the basic democratic right to free opinion and coalition.
The RCWP-RPC represents a significant section of the Russian people and especially the poor classes most effected by the capitalist restoration to which proper representation is being denied. The former Russian Communist Workers´ Party (RCWP) was registered more than 10 years ago and has been acting in the Russian political life, participating in elections and receiving support of millions of voters. According to the results of the parliamentary elections of 1999 their block…—Communists – The Working People of Russia for the Soviet Union…—got 1 million 350 thousand votes, this block was the seventh among all the electoral blocks, participating in the elections according to the system of proportional representation, and the first non-parliamentary force in Russia.
With the new party legislation and jurisdiction the reactionary Putin regime is attempting to exclude the RCWP-RCP and other progressive forces able to express a popular opposition to social misery, political oppression and cultural devastation from the forthcoming elections scheduled for next year.
However, the next step is already looming on the horizon: it is the proscription of the anti-capitalist and communist forces in Russia altogether…—except those “communists” ready to collaborate with the capitalist regime!
Capitalist restoration in Russia was brought about under the guise of democracy and prosperity. But capitalism meant the exact opposite: the misery of the Russian people keeps growing to unprecedented levels while democratic rights are being limited more and more under the pressure of the Western crusade against any potential enemy to their imperialist world order.

Down with the capitalist dictatorship in Russia!
For the right to free expression and coalition!
Stop the Western terror war!